Thursday, October 1, 2009

Take a moment and think about this....

This morning, while getting ready for work Josh and I were listening to the news. They were referring to the blackberry phone as the “Crackberry” and Josh was busting up laughing. He has never heard that term before and did not really understand why they called the phone a Crackberry. I explained to him that phones are so addicting now because people can have all access to the internet, facebook, myspace etc…and then he understood. Our conversation then went on to how we both feel phones and computers are eventually going to destroy so many relationships. Not that there is anything wrong with being on the internet or on your phone but people do not realize just how much time they spend worrying about other people’s business and lives by being on facebook or myspace constantly. It’s an addiction. It takes time away from what we are suppose to be doing or could be doing.
Josh gets frustrated if I’m on the computer too long once I’m home and I can completely see where he is coming from. If you think about the time we have in each day it’s not nearly enough time to spend with our loved ones or to take care of all that needs to be done around the house and with your family. The computer and these new phones distract us from what’s really important in life. What happened the good old days when people went for long walks together at night, where movie nights were a once a week ritual, reading a book together, where having a glass of wine and jut sitting on the couch and talking was more than enough, cooking together, what happened to doing things as a team?!?! Now and days one person is on their cell phone and the other on their laptop and you’re doing your own thing! I don’t ever want to turn into that couple, I want our nights to always be full of conversation and full of activities we do together and with our animals! Work is enough time away from my husband and I will not allow a computer or a phone to distract me…now the computer thing is something I may need to work on a bit but the phone I can careless about….Man, god does some amazing things when you’re walking along side him. He makes you realize the many ways the devil can try and interfere with your life, like using the computer, TV and phones to distract us from what’s really important in life! Take a moment and just think about it…


  1. Very well said Steph. I grew up before the cell phone and even the computer. The things we did ? Girlfriends and I or my close friends had face to face conversations! We spent time together,movies,racetracks, that will always bring back great memories. We would get lost in this big new place they called the Brea Mall, got lost, before the cell phone? We went home never found the friend that got lost until we got home! When is the last time someone got sunburned on the computer or saw a reaction from someone from a joke all laughing your butts off,rather than a hahaha or shared sadness being able to hold someone rather than giving them a :(. Cell phones to be turned off at a certain time and the computer too by a set time. Take the walks again at a park you've never been too go for a drive to nowhere, see a movie that you would never see, spend you two time. Myspace is a noseybody site, Facebook? Cool that I found old friends from 20 years ago! and have found my old girlfriends kids who are getting her on Facebook.For business owners like myself to keep people reminded of what I do for a living. Also for kids Facebook lets them talk school friends etc since they can't drive yet. Hope all this make sense but......rather be talking to you two face to face..........right? Computers stop people from getting together. Turn off the computer,try it. Try it for a week. Your friend, Tom

  2. Very interesting.. Some people just don't know how to separate real life vs. the internet world & that is why soooo many relationships end. ;)