Saturday, October 24, 2009

Last Night's Dinner...

Last night Josh and I went to Georges for dinner once again to show Dad and Elisa how amazing their food is and how wonderful everyone that works there is. They were insanely packed all the way out the door. Not an empty seat inside or outside the whole place! Crazy, its a pretty big place too. Although no matter how packed it is, we are regulars so they always make sure we get in before everyone and fast. As we are walking to our seat i look up and notice we are being seated right behind a former friend of mine. I say former friend because i was really close to this person back when i worked at Abercrombie and pretty much ever since i worked there up until 2 months before my wedding day. She was there when i got my wedding dress she was at my bridal shower and she was going to be a bridesmaid in my wedding until i kicked her out of the wedding party. As nice of a friend she was, she screwed me over when Josh and I had our bach. party in Vegas and I was done after that. I am a very loyal, respectful friend to those i care about and to those i feel have been a good friend to me but the minute i feel disrespected or stabbed in the back ADIOS i dont need you in my life and i will not allow you in my life. Anyway after i told her i no longer wanted her in the wedding because of her non-stop lies, i never spoke to her again. She text me Congrats on our wedding day and that was it.... K back to seeing her at Georges... Anyway, as i look up and see her having dinner with her family she kind of smiles and says "hi" then looks back down immediately. I was caught off guard and kind of shocked to see her(as it has been over a year) but because of how much i feel i have changed as a person i walked up behind her and gave her a hug. I could totally feel the awkwardness as she really didn't know what to say, after a really brief conversation with her i walked to my table and that was it. ...

Point in this "story" is i have never really been the type of person who needs a bunch of friends in my life. I have ALWAYS had one or two really good friends and that is it. I just never wanted the drama in my life that girls brought. I have always hung out with family or guys and because of that drama has never followed me. However I have had a few friends screw me over and in the past i would get so angry i would seek revenge. You hurt me, ill hurt you twice as bad. My saying has always been "screw me over and i will screw you over twice as bad" until i found Josh. Being with Josh has taught me so much more about myself. Now instead of revenge i seek forgiveness. I don't even think i need to get back at someone for what they did to me, instead i forgive them and i move on with my life. Now i just need to work on my stubbornness : )

We were talking to Dad last night about where we are in life and basically how fast we grew up and accomplished so much. We have goals and we stick to them. We will always work our hardest to get where we want to be in life and nothing will hold us back. People can talk crap on us and how we never "hang out" or "we think we are too good for everyone" but that's not it at all. Like i said, Josh and I have goals and we work hard to make sure we reach those goals. We don't have time to go blow money on unnecessary things and partying. We are not trying to impress anyone, there is no need to and its not us. We are living life having fun together and with whom ever comes along on our random dinners and trips and we are saving for our future. All in all Dad always knows how to make us feel so on top of the game of everything we do and accomplish, thanks dad for always reminding us how far we have come and how even though you have a lot of money you never help us out you make us do it all on our own. Which reminds me, thank you to another former friend for spreading rumors that my dad helped us buy our house and for saying we couldnt do it haha! Proud to say we did it ALL on our own!

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