Friday, October 16, 2009

Awww the simple pleasures in life.

Two movies and Two glasses of wine later an Josh is passed out on my lap : ) We are so opposite when it comes to drinking. Josh is tired once he has had a drink or two and im like a crazy hyper person who wants to go do anything and everything possible! Must be the itty bitty sugar intake from the alcohol that keeps me up and going. Anyway, i cant help but sit here and stare at him and our knocked out animals and think to myself, Man I am So Blessed to have such a wonderful life. Sometimes the stress of work or the busy days take time away from sitting back and reflecting on all we are blessed with, all the love and compassion we share together. We have a cozy home, good jobs, quiet little neighborhood, animals who keep us laughing everyday, families whom love us endlessly, A love that is so indescribable for one another,we are healthy and we are following the lord together now....God is good and when following him and trusting in him you realize how special the smallest of things are....

The other night we went to Dad's house and he pulled out this post card i sent him from Alaska right after Josh asked me to marry him. Josh had never seen it and my Dad felt then need to share it with him. It said something like this..."Hi dad, Josh asked me to Marry him tonight. Thank you for giving him permission to ask me he makes me so happy. I have never been so sure of anything in my life. I love him so much dad and i cannot wait to marry him. I miss you and love you, be home soon." It was so cool reading that. Remembering how fast everything happened, how in love with him i was and still am! Thank you Dad for sharing that : )

Life is crazy, but i love every single minute of it. We have so much more to look forward to as each year goes on. I love you baby and i hope you always know how PERFECT you make my everyday no matter what it is we are doing. MUAH...Time to wake you up for some GLADSTONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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