Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oh how I love this time of year!

Fall is here, cold weather is kicking in and ohhhhhhhh how i love this time of year! Cold weather reminds me of falling in love with Josh. Our long drives late at night out to the Mountain's for no reason other then to just get away with a big ol coffee and some good music! We would have long conversations the whole way there and we would come home near 2am in the morning and call in sick from work the next day : ) I remember Dad telling us "you guys are gonna lose your jobs for how much you call in sick together". Falling in love with Josh was so much fun! It still is fun, i swear every time we have more then 1 whole day together of just spending time together i feel like i have fallen in love all over again. We had the best dinner last night after work. Josh picked me up took me to our favorite greek place, we sat outside (man was it chilly) shared a bottle of wine and talked for the longest time! Only to go home and enjoy each other even more : )

Cold weather makes me think of when we first bought our house. Last year was our first winter in our home and we made it so cozy!!! We got the dogs Halloween outfits for Halloween and my mother in law bought them little treats in hopes we would walk them by her house for some trick-or-treating. I bought Josh and I these really cool Halloween martini glasses and we had martinis while dressed up and passing out candy! It was just him and I and the dogs and it was so much fun! Aussie wasn't with us yet, we are excited to have her here this year to join in : ) This year we bought the dogs all new costumes! Kota a Skunk, Bud Boy a dinosaur and Poopoo a Bumble bee! Josh and I have a huge Halloween party to go to, i already know what i want to be but i dont want anyone jocking my idea so ill keep it to myself for now : ) We still are not sure if we are going to this party but if we do then i have a great costume in mind!

My runs are awesome now that the weather has changed! It's like running in a different state compared to how hot it has been. I can breath perfect while running, i can run without stopping and im even More motivated then i was before! Josh and I are gonna start running 2 times a week together outside on top of my running on the treadmill. Running this time of year is the best!!! I swear i work out harder then the winter then summer. Just the other day josh was like "man it looks like someone painted abs on you" whats funny is i dont do anything other then run, nice to know it pays off though!

I welcome this cold weather ,HELLO; pumpkin spice lattes, my million pairs of UGGS and leg warmers, hoodies, cuddling on the couch with my love and a big blanket, crammed nights of the dogs trying to keep warm with us in our bed, long walks, runs, scarves, snow trips, coffee at home with a little bit of baileys in it : ), bon fires in the backyard, dressing the dogs in their warm sweatshirts, staying in bed a lil longer to keep warm.....bring it!!!! : ))))))

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