Monday, October 26, 2009

This is How i picture life...

Josh and I had a wonderful breakfast this morning at Heritage, Mmmmmmm, that place is so yummmy!! Then Josh drove me to work, as he does every Monday : ) I love the extra few minutes i get with him on the way to work. We were talking about life and how we both feel there is something more we should be doing. I feel like i should be working with old people or animals because i have a deep passion for both. Josh feels he should be doing something with music because that's his passion and he knows he is good at it. We were talking about when we move out of state one day we want to live life doing exactly what we love. Not knowing how long it will takes us to reach the goal of moving out of state and being able to still keep and rent out our Lakewood house, we are thinking 4 years sounds about right. We would both love for it to happen sooner but 4 years is when we will be financially set with no worries. Joking around i told Josh, man it would be cool if Dad bought a house on a huge piece of land that had another house on the same land that was all fenced in that we could live in. Then all we would have to do it ride a tractor over to dads house to visit him lol. So i get to work and i e-mail my dad asking him how his meeting went on Saturday with the guy who wants to buy his business. He responds "it went very well, if he can come up with he money then i think he's in". Nice. See once my dad sells his business he is renting a huge RV and traveling for a week to Oregon to look at houses, Josh and I are going with him too. So then i e-mail dad back with my great idea of having him buy a house with another house on the same piece of land that Josh and I can live in. I said "we can even share the animals, the animals can run in between all that land and go to whom evers house they want" Man they would be in heaven. They would have the best of both worlds, if ever they are mad at me they can just run over to dads house and stay with him LOL... know i think like a little kid but that's how much i love my family, husband and animals, enough to want to spend every moment with them! So i thought for sure my dad was not going to respond or tell me im retarded, but to my surprise he said " that's a great idea Stephani, because more then anything i want you guys to come with me" Whaaaaaaaaaaa did i just hear what i think i heard!! : ) So when we go to look at houses in Oregon Dad said we can look for a set up just like i have pictured in my head! so maybe just maybe we wont have to wait for 4 long years! We will see!!!!

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