Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cant wait to get home!

Although work has been crazy busy for me today i still manage to make the best of it! I try to come to work everyday with a positive attitude. I love making people smile, i love giving someone negative my positive feedback, never judge someone based on what others say. always give others a chance to show who they really are before making any judgment. Always think positive and you will never feel negative. I love that i am always happy even over the smallest things in life, i hope my happiness rubs on off on all that surround me because we need more happy positive people in this world. I may not agree with everyone and i may tell it how it is because i hold nothing back when i speak but that's who i am. I am honest and i never lie and one thing i love about Josh is he is exactly how i am. I dont think you will ever meet a more honest couple huh baby : ) Now home to my husband, animals and champizzy!! LMAO (inside joke) can you tell im hyper or what.. : D

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