Friday, October 9, 2009

Self Disipline!

Everyone is eating pizza for lunch. Our work must have bought 16 pizza's for everyone to share. Self discipline is in full effect for me. While i sit here smelling and watching everyone eat their pizza, i am eating raspberries with a small salad made with broccoli, garbanzo beans and carrots. : P Where in the world did i get my self discipline from? I love pizza! Maybe because i know I'm having it for dinner tonight. Or maybe it's because I'm so routine with how i eat. Fiber one with a fruit for breakfast, Yogurt with a Nana and granola for lunch and for dinner what ever the heck i want : )) Everyone likes to argue with me that your not suppose to eat your biggest meal and whatever you want for dinner but you know what, IT WORKS PERFECTLY FOR ME : ) I like to have my best meal of the day with my husband! Soooooooo as i sit here and continue to smell everyone's pizza, it only makes me look more forward to having it TONIGHT!


  1. =)))MMMM! i cant wait to be home with you and eat some big ol pizza, have a glass of wine and then make some toes curl;)lol. muah! i miss you

  2. I love you FREAK! No more Bomchickawhawha, your neck is looking tore up! haha Miss you too, see you in an hour xoxox

  3. hahaha yea u should be a vampire