Friday, October 16, 2009


Josh and I received the new issue of playboy this month. Yes, we get playboy and surprisingly enough Josh does not even care to look at it. It's me who is interested in all the pictures. It's a good magazine, not just for the pictures but the articles are very fun to read too. Anyhow, one thing i love about looking through playboy is that i can look at every picture and think to myself... "i may not have big fake boobs, but mine are real and i work out ten times hard then those girls and have muscle definition to prove it". I remember being in high school and thinking "when I'm moved out of dads house I'm gonna get fake boobs" now i look back and wonder what the hell i was thinking. Fake boobs are beyond trendy now and to be honest they look a bit trashy. They make women look fatter then they are and if not that then they look like someone just stuck two water balloons on their chest LOL....Don't get me wrong, I'm sure ill get mine lifted after having a child but as for anything fake being placed in my body, i think ill pass. Having subscribed to playboy is a reminder to always keep in shape and look good for my sexy husband. It's a reminder to love my body and for what god gave me and that i can ALWAYS work out what i do not like about it. I am perfectly content with how hard i have worked on getting in shape and the minute i feel like Ive slacked a bit ill bust my butt to get right back to where i was! Thank you playboy for keeping me more motivated then i already am : ))) Husband is my #1 motivator though!


  1. That's a pretty general statement about the people that have fake boobs... I'm going to have to say I don't agree with this one Steph.

  2. Sorry you dont agree, my mom mom and mother in law both have fake boobs and both regret it unfortunitly. I think ill listen to their advice : ) Sorry but i just do not think they look good unless your already a bigger girl and they go with your body frame.

  3. Hey, I love this blog post! I had a bad experience with implants - - so it is nice to see another natural beauty advocate! Can't wait to follow your journey towards being a new mom! :)