Saturday, October 3, 2009

A simple "Im thinking about you"....

So im at Wallgreens a couple of days ago before heading into work and as always Josh is on my mind. Often, while driving to work in the mornings i think about how happy i am. Aside from running, it seems to be the only time it's quiet and the only time i get a chance to just really sit back and think about this life Josh and I share. He makes me so happy and i just cannot tell him that enough. I want Josh to always be reminded of how in love with him I am and how thankful i am for all he does for me, our home and our animals. So i stopped at Wallgreens to get him a card.
When i think about how happy josh makes me it gets me all sappy and i start thinking about all the people that have really made a difference in how i view life and how appreciative i am of every little thing that is brought my way (good or bad). There are a few people that come to mind almost EVERY TIME...Dad, Grandma Dokey, My Mother-In-Law and Becky (my old best friend). Every single one of these people are amazing in different ways but what they all have in common is how big of a heart they all have. How much they give to others and dont expect a thing in return.....I decided to get cards for each of them. Just a simple card that says "thinking of you" and i wrote something special in each one. I actually bought my DAD a new book he has been wanting called The Blue Parakeet: Rethinking How You Read the Bible ...I got both him and josh one (but shhhh they dont know it yet, i haven't given it to them just yet). I sent my Grandmas card out yesterday, just telling her how much i miss her and wish i was there to take care of her they way grandpa did. To my Mother-In-Law i just thanked her for being one of my best friends, she is so strong and so beautiful in every way and because of her i have such a wonderful outlook on life....To Becky, i just told her i missed her and the girls and how i pray for them often. She may not accept my card when she gets it in the mail but life is too short to not let the one's you care about most know just how much you care!......Josh knows he has brought out the best in me, but i just dont think he knows how much i have changed for the better because of his love....and TOM, dont think i forgot about are someone both Josh and I hold very dear to our hearts. You are so giving, so patient and a great friend to us. Josh really looks up to you : )

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