Thursday, October 8, 2009

Car Accident...

Last night i got off work around 6pm. I had so much work i needed to get done so i stayed later then normal. It is very rare that i ever take the 91 on my way home. I will usually take the 710 and exit a side street because the 91 is always stop and go traffic no matter what time it is. I hate driving as it is. Like i have said before i only drive to and from work and no where else (not even the gas station); #1 I don't like going places without Josh due to my phobia of men harassing me#2 I'm scared to death of getting in an accident. Although, since we have gotten the hummer i feel much safer, but that fear is just always gonna be there...
I have never been in an accident before. Ok, minus the time i was learning to drive an ex boyfriends car and drove it into someones kitchen....OMG embarrassing! Wait...i think i know why i am so scared of getting in an accident.I just remembered my mom got into an accident when i was little. I had my set belt on but was so tiny i slipped right out of it and went through the windshield of her car. Had stitches and everything...
Back to my point. Yesterday while driving home i was rear ended on the 91 by a lady in van who must have had 6 kids in her van all under the age of 7. I saw her coming and held the brake down as hard as i could. She hit me going full speed and totaled her car. I cannot tell you how freaked out i was when i saw that coming. It was like my worst nightmare coming true. Luckily my 9,000lb hummer did not move and inch neither did I. I was not wearing my set belt (like i should have been and Josh always gets mad at me for not putting it on). We pulled over to the side of the freeway, her car was leaking fluid, smoking and the whole front end was smashed in. I get out and ask her and the kids if they are ok...they were all upset, crying but everyone appeared to be alright. I called josh, not knowing what to do because this was my first accident and he walked me through all the information i needed to get from her. All that was left on my car was a tiny scratch. I felt so horrible driving away from that poor lady last night. I don't think she even had insurance and she barley spoke English. Not to mention I'm pretty sure she ran a daycare and was dropping some of those kids off at home. What would she tell those parents? How horrible she must have felt putting those kids in danger like that. I just really hope her and those kids are ok as she said they were.
Thank you God for watching over me yesterday. Thank you Josh for letting me get my dream car because it is SOOOOOOOOO safe!!!


  1. Sad thing about the ones in the other car but fantastic about how safe your car is. During my wonderful l30 mile daily commute I cannot tell you how many accidents I've seen. I'm so glad to be driving my big Tahoe too. I've even seen people reading in the car! Newspaper up and everything!
    Anyway, good thing your safe and sorry you had to experience your first accident. And also I remember when you drove into our neighbor's house, that was so long ago!

  2. OMG, I'm glad yor're safe. Accidents are not cool & I too am afraid of getting into one especially when it's raining.Thank goodness your drove the hummer!