Friday, October 30, 2009

My Love, Remember when...

You took me to see the fight in SD. One of our first dates after reuniting again : ) So much fun with great friends and the start of what was meant to be!

We had our first beach party with friends and all you and i wanted to do was be alone...This is when i knew i was falling hard and fast..
From this day forward i knew i could never go another day without you...

You took me skydiving and you asked my dad for permission to take me : ) You made my heart smile and that was an experience ill never forget. Who does that on their 3rd date or so lol US!!!!! xoxo

You flew my to Washington to meet your family after only 3 months of being together...some of the best best memories we have shared thus far were there...

Our first Halloween together! I was so proud to call you mine!

Our second Halloween engaged : )

We use to have parties like every weekend at Dads house! Our first New Years at Dads and I worked you! haha muah!

When you asked me to marry you in ALASKA!!! I had no idea that was coming, but no doubt in my mind that you were the one and i was soooooooooooooooo ready!

Alaska, i will never forget the beauty of Alaska and how hopelessly in love with you i was

When we bought our house! We did it baby, when everyone doubted us, we freakin did it!!! What a great feeling...

We celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary, you planned a perfect weekend.

Our wedding day. What a PERFECT day, i was so lost in you and still am!

Our honeymoon in much fun!!!!!!!!!!

Just a few of the memories we have made along the way of establishing US. Baby i am sooo in love with you still to this day. We have the best of times together no matter what it is we are doing! I love that no matter what it is we are ALWAYS on the same page, always thinking the same thoughts, always putting each other first and ALWAYS reminding each other how in love we are with one another. You are so good to me and i will always do all i can to make sure i make you as happy as you make me. I am spoiled with your love and with the man you are. God sure knows what he is doing with us. I love you times a million! Have a wonderful day baby, I cannot wait to get home to you xoxox


  1. =)steph u and i have come so far so fast... now that we are settled in our home we need to enjoy each day like its our is so easy for people to get caught up in rotation of the same thing day in and day out and forget that they are living, and life will fly by them. i will never allow that to happen with us.. even though we are saving as much as we can for the next few years to get out of cali, i will still make sure we keep our adventures going=) i love you dearly and will always be your everything but with a little mystery to keep it fun;)i love suprising you and experiencing new things together... u are an amazing woman, a loving wife, a true and honest best friend and an even better lover... muah!xoxoxox now stop being late for work. hahaha

  2. Awww, you always have the perfect words. Every morning while running on the tredmil or driving to work i think of how much i enjoy life because i have the best person to share it with. Every day is so fun, so beautiful and i feel just so on top of the world with you by my side. I married my best friend in everyway, i hold nothing back with you! I was just thinking the other day how it took me so long to find myself again after getting out of a relationship that kept me from so much....I have always felt so comfortable around you, ive always been able to be my goofy self with you and i love that. I love the relationship we share,its loving,passionate, silly, crazy, fun, honest, tell all no holding anything back from one another..... not a soul on this earth can make me laugh like you do : ) i love you sooooo much!