Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Got What I Asked For Soooo....

I was thinking about my Job the other day and how much work i constantly have now. Some days i feel so overwhelmed i just wanna cry and other days i handle it just fine. I try never to have a bad day at wok, I'm pretty good at staying positive and dealing with all that does come my way because I'm good at what i do and i have confidence in myself. When i say I'm good at what i do, i mean I'm good with multitasking and i ask a million and one question to make sure i have the correct understanding of that I'm learning. I am a perfectionist by all means, i hate letting people down and always do my best with anything thrown my way. Anyhow, I've got it made here at work and sometimes i don't think i realize that. I have about a month of vacation total given to me. I'm always given the days off i need. My bonuses are HUGE and because of that, Josh and I never stress over Christmas gifts. My work is right on the water; only 10min aways from home and in the best location. People that come here always say this is one of the most beautiful offices they have ever seen. We have a huge formal Christmas party every year with high end food and an open bar all night long. My boss is very professional but also very laid back for the most part. I've worked here for 6 1/2 years, that says a lot in it's self. I'm committed. Some days i feel stressed and after venting to Josh i realize this is the job i wanted, i asked for it and got it and so I'm gonna love it! When i was the receptionist for the firm i work at, i took pride in all i did. I work at a place with 120 people and answered the phones for all 120 people on my own for years!! It was tough work but i always made my job fun and i was good at what i did. The last year at the reception desk started getting super busy so they hired someone for the 2nd floor as well. Then i became BORED, i was use to doing it all on my own for years. If you know me, then you know I'm a very hyper person all the time. I have to be doing something 24/7 or i get bored. I am the furthest thing from lazy you will ever meet lol no joke. So anyhow, i went down to my office manager's office and asked if i could move up in the company. She said all that would be open to move up to is accounting basically. Anything else here you need school for. Accounting, inputting numbers all day?!?! Screw that. I would go crazy doing that. Not only would i get bored but I'm use to multi tasking and that just would not work for me at all. I told her i wanted to do and learn Legal Secretary work i wanted something more challenging then what i was being offered and 6 months later i got exactly what i wanted and I'm working for the owner of the company out of all people here. So in conclusion, i got what i asked for and i will always try my best to perfect what I'm doing and try my hardest not to stress.

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  1. =) u are very good at what you do love, and even though you call me and vent to me about your overload, you never complain to anyone and at the end of the day you get it all done and some...=) sometimes u just worry to much because you are a perfectionist.... your going to go far in that co. in the next four years. you watch..... just try and get home to me earlier k..=) lol... jk