Saturday, September 19, 2009


I started running about 5 years ago. I have worked out since i was in 10th grade. My dad bought me a gym membership to LA fitness (which was like the most expensive gym around back then) and i loved it because i was pretty much the youngest member there so i was always very focused when I'd go with him or my mom. The people that worked there always called me "the rich girl" when i walked in because of what i wore when i worked out. I look back now and think how the heck did i work out in those dang outfits i wore (you know the velour outfits). Anyway, i stopped going to the gym when i had no one to go with anymore because every time i would go in one of the trainers, managers or random people that worked out there would come up and talk talk to me while i was sweating my butt off! I hate talking when I'm working out and even worse i hate attention being brought to me! Some days i would drive to the gym after work and if i saw the car of someone who would talk to me while i was there, i would turn around and go home. Eventually i just stopped going and asked my dad to cancel my pass and get me a treadmill instead.
5 years now i have had my treadmill!!! i remember when i first got it and Dad said it was ALL mine (i didn't have to share with him, my brother or mom) and i could have it set up in my bedroom, i was so excited!!! The treadmill became therapy to me. I was so unhappy during that time with the relationship i was in and he would work late hours while i was home "waiting" so i would just get on it and run or walk up-hill. I started out only being able to do 2 or 3 miles a night for about a year and then the 2nd year when i was really confused and UN-happy i started running 4 miles, then 5 and then 6! I would run every time i got home from work and i also started running outside and i would sometimes even do 12 miles straight if i were outside. 6 miles burned near 1,000 calories and i became obsessed with making sure i ran that every night! I lost near 15 pounds within that year of running and changed how i ate. I cut out fast food, soda, white breads, i don't eat red meat already as is and i started eating breakfast every 5 years later from when i got my treadmill i have kept those 15 pounds off. Running has stuck with me but i have also learned it is OK to take a day or two off now! Now instead of running because I'm upset i run to get rid of this on-going energy i have!! I'M telling you if i didn't run everyday i would probably drive josh nuts because of how much energy i have everyday! I don't ever relax and to sit down and just watch a movie or something on TV is extremely hard for me! I don't know why i always feel like i have to be doing something, even when we lay down at night i it takes me hours to fall a sleep! Even then i don't sleep but a few hours, my brain is constantly thinking about what i need to get done at work, what the animals need and it also seems to be the time i lay there and just really take in how blessed i am with this life i have with josh. Often before going to bed my stomach get this anxious feeling almost as if I'm too excited to go to bed!...what the heck is wrong with me! Josh thinks it's because i eat too much candy before bed (which could be true) bit you would think m y body would be use to that by now!
Running will be with me for the rest of my life. It's my only sense of relaxation. i don't do it to lose weight, i do it to relax this body that is non-stop on the go!!! Right now I'm doing 6 miles at 45 minutes...........March 21 2010 is the LA Marathon from Dodger Stadium all the way to Santa Monica 26 miles! I really really want to sign up this year and i truly think I'm ready! For starters i need to increase my speed even more and my distance...ill train my body and hopefully motivate myself to sign up FINALLY!!! wish me luck!

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