Thursday, September 24, 2009


I rushed home from work last night to pick Josh up from our house for Bingo. Got home right at 6pm and we needed to be in San Pedro by 6:30. I was starving but knew we wouldn't have time to stop and pick up food so i text Josh with "can you grab me a string cheese, I'm starving" He comes out of the house with two drinks and dinner he made him self! He had made dinner right when he got home from work cause he knew i'd be starving and he wanted to surprise me. Fresh whole wheat bagels with pizza sauce cheese and turkey pepperoni and he even made it spicy (just how i like it)! Man, my husband thinks of me ALL the time and i don't even expect any of the wonderful things he does for me ALL the time. I am so so so incredibly lucky! We ate in the car and had a conversation about how Josh has all the luck and i only have luck when im with him! I told him if he won tonight then i wasn't gonna play anymore i was just gonna watch him play cause he ALWAYS WINS! We made it to bingo exactly on time. We literally sat down when they called the first number and i won the first game within 5 minutes...$100 cash! WTH?? I never win anything and here i was giving josh a hard time about wining last time. Last week i went without Josh because he was working late and i didn't win a thing...I'm telling you i never get lucky unless josh is there with me! A few more games later Josh wins $250! We were all stoked on how much he had won and did not think we would even stand a chance to win again....We buy a few pool tabs and it's $500 if you win....All my numbers were called and i was so excited i said "BINGO" before i was suppose to! haha.....$500 cash all counted out in front of me!!! Holy cow!! I'm telling you, when Josh and I are together we have the most amazing LUCK! Which brings me back to when we bought our house, planned our wedding, got engaged, all our vacation planning and buying our dream car etc...everything has always just fallen in place for us at the right time.......I feel like the Lord is always taking care of us together as one in the best way he can....

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