Thursday, September 24, 2009

A little stressed...

I hate feeling overwhelmed. I have always said that i would take work lightly and never become one of those people who stresses about work or works too much. My time with josh and at home with the animals means more to me then money. Money cant buy the love Josh and I have, nor can it buy the time i cherish we have together. Lately work feels as if it has taken over my life. I work my butt off when im there without much time to spare to talk to anyone or take a lunch. It seems like just when i have my work under control and all caught up i get more responsibility thrown at me. Don't get me wrong, i am very grateful for my job and for the people i work with who help make things easier everyday but i am only one person and i can only do so much. I am learning so much right now with my new job. I Love what i do and i take pride in my work! Yesterday my office manage and I went into Boss man's office to have a talk about how overwhelmed I'm feeling with all that's on my plate only to be told "i don't see why you cant handle it, there should not be a problem" ummm that does not help! He was not even willing to work with me about my work overload until the tears started coming...then he said " don't worry, this work overload is not permanent will get someone to help you out and stop worrying about your work production, your doing a great job and you stop trying to rush learning everything so fast your gonna be here for many more years and you will learn as you go....Sounds nice right? Ya well he was saying everything in what seemed meanly : ( My feelings were just already hurt from what he had said earlier on and the tears just would not stop. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful office manager who supports and helps me as much as she can...she always has my back and always understands how I'm feeling.....Work seems crazy right now but i know it will all settle down over some time. I just need to have patience and realize I'm not the only person who is stressed here right now. As long as work does not interfere with my life at home then i know everything will be ok and i can do this! Last night, after venting to Josh this horrible head ache started and then a migraine...ohhh migraine's i sure don't miss you (ya i use to get them all time)!!!! Thanks for not letting me sleep last night : P Today is and will be a much better day!

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