Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Buddy Boy

This morning while running on the treadmill, the dogs were running around chasing one another, Aussie was screaming and all i could think was man i love this life of mine. Last night while BBQing in the back Josh and I were talking about the day we brought Buddy home. Our family was more then enough before him and we did not plan on getting another dog any time near soon! Heck, we had not even brought Aussie home yet, we had another month or so before we could even bring her home when buddy came along. I had a Golden and Lab growing up and always wanted my own when they both passed away. I got Kota (our lab) 4 years ago, she was the first dog i bought and paid for everything all on my own and my dad was nice enough to let me have her at his house being i was still living there at the time. Kota was no cheap dog. I paid a lot for her and she has been my spoiled little girl since the day i brought her home. I remember picking her up and driving her home the day i bought her and on the way she peed all over me! I had to drive all the way home soaking wet!!! Gross! LOL When Josh and i got together i had Sierra, Kota and Tinker already. We bought Aussie after our honeymoon in Australia and could not bring her home for 3 or 4 months! I remember visiting her every Sunday till we could bring her home she was gonna be our first animal together and we could not wait to get her home. Josh knew i wanted a Golden for quiet some time but our house was already so hard to clean everyday it wasn't even an option to get another dog. Josh's best buddy Sean came over one day and was talking about moving into our back room because he didn't have anywhere to stay at the time. I told him if he moved in our back room he could get a dog and keep it back there with him and mentioned he should get a golden so i could have my golden fix : ) He thought it was a great idea so immediately i google Golden's for sale nearby. We find a few places selling them and the stop at the nearest place. We walk in and there are two Golden's left! They were the cutest little things!!!!!!! I picked one up (buddy) and he just went limp he was such a little cuddle bug!! Sean was all excited about getting the puppy and then Josh looked at me and said "i have to you get him, look at you" "sean i think i have to buy her this dog, she has wanted one forever and i cant say no"............I was sooooooo excited, i did not think Josh would say i could get him and i didn't even have to ask him he just knew!!! We paid for everything and drove home. On the way home we decided to name him Buddy because Josh kept petting him saying "hi buddy"so Buddy it was!!!
We pulled up to the house and decided to introduce him to our animal crew in the front yard. Our dogs were not having him at all. As the night went on i noticed Kota and Sierra distancing themselves from us. They wouldn't come outside while we were BBQing, they wouldn't go in any room Buddy was in and at night they wouldn't even sleep in bed with us : ( I didn't sleep that whole night. I was so worried my other 2 dogs were so mad at me. The next morning (Monday) i got ready and Josh took me to work. Before leaving i said by to the dogs and Buddy was hiding under the bed and Kota and Sierra didn't even walk me to the door like they normally do when i leave. I was so hurt that they were hurt! I got to work and cried non-stop for about an hour. I called Josh and said "take that puppy back, kota and poopoo hate me now and this is not fair to them" I was crying like someone just died and pretty soon everyone at work was coming up to me asking what was wrong. I felt like such a baby to say im crying about my dogs! Josh called the place we got buddy from and no one answered or returned our call the whole day. He was seriously gonna take him back for me but no one would pick up his calls. That night i got home and Josh calmed me down a lot. He showed me pictures of what buddy did all day long and even showed me that Kota was playing him....I changed my mind and we decided to keep him.......I look at our life now and cannot see it without Buddy! Buddy was the perfect balance to our house and he makes Sierra feel young again and makes Kota feel important because he looks up to her so much! And he makes Aussie laugh because he is always in trouble and Tinker stay young because he is always chasing her....and he makes Josh and I feel like we have given him the best life a dog can have!!! I don't think Buddy knew what was in store for him the day we picked him up! He did not realize he was about to live a wonderful life full of sooo much love and a life in which he is included in EVERYTHING his parents do....And i don't think i realized how much he would benefit our household : ) Everything happens for a reason and i love my animals soooooooooo much!!!!!

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