Monday, September 21, 2009

First day of my new work hours......

Today was the first day of my new work schedule and it was actually really nice this morning to relax for once! Josh has Monday's off and never sleeps in on his days off. Instead he gets up with me, helps me with the animals and makes our coffee then takes me to work : ) This morning no alarm was needed! We could sleep as long as we wanted (kinda…sorta) and as always sleeping in means getting up at 7:30am for me! I woke up at 7:30 and leisurely made our coffee, fed the dogs while josh fed Aussie and turned on the TV and got back into bed with Josh right behind me : ) When the coffee was done josh got up and brought both our coffee's in the room and we sat in bed until about 8:30 drinking coffee, talking, watching tv and cuddling with all three dogs. While Laughing at Tinker trying to get out of her cage because she wanted to join all the excitement! We sat down and had breakfast together around 9am and then I got myself ready. It was soooooooooo nice to just take my time and spend even more time with my husband before heading off to work. We left the house around 9;30am and I got to work at about 9:45 and started my day! It's 3pm now and I'm just taking my lunch! Only 2 ½ more hours of work and im off!! I think ill adjust to this just fine : ) Mondays will always be my favorite day of the work week just because of the extra time I get with Josh! Starting tomorrow I will continue to wake up at 6:15am make Josh's lunch, sit down and watch the news and have coffee with him (something I never really got to do in the mornings cause I was always rushing to get out of the house) Then when he leave at 7am I'll be on that treadmill running my 6 miles…I'll be done around 8am and will have plenty of time to get myself ready and enjoy time with the animals before I head out. I can get to work at 9;30am or 10am if I want. It depends if I want that extra half n hour of money or not ; ) But money is not near as valuable as my time with josh and our animals and I will always remind myself of that! I am so thankful for this life of mine, so thankful for my job and so thankful for the patience god has given me during times I feel a bit overwhelmed. Back to work I go!! : ) I'll be back soon as I have another topic I've been dying to get off my chest! xoxo

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