Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Together we will follow the lord...

About 2 months ago i started reading a series of books called Left Behind. A woman i work with had recommended them to me and brought in the first book of the 12 or 13 that are out for me to read. I had the book in a drawer behind my desk for about a month before i decided to pick it up and read it. For those who don't know, these series of books are based on the bible about the end of times, The Rapture.
Josh has a lot of knowledge about the bible and knows a lot about the rapture and the events that take place during the 7 years of tribulation. When we first got together his bible was always in his truck and he would read it often. There were many times he would tell me about the Rapture and the events that take place and i would freak out and tell him i didn't want to hear about it, it was scaring me. I listen and take in everything Josh says so whenever he would talk about the end of the world it would just freak me out because i knew i would believe and research exactly what he told me. My biggest fear is death and i was just not ready to hear about it. .....Point of this being is, i started these books because i felt god reaching out to me through this woman at work....
I have gone to church off and on most of my life. In high school i went to small groups with a bunch of friends and one year i decided to go to church camp. I remember coming home with my friend Amy and we both felt we were ready to change. We had both accepted god in our life and spent a whole weekend just feeling amazingly happy about this choice we were making together because camp had touched us THAT much! I came home all excited to tell my parents about everything i had learned and how i was going to change my life, only to be shot down by both of them. Both of them kind of laughed at me and said "one weekend at church camp is not gonna change your life stephani" i was really hurt. I look up to my dad by all means and to hear him say that immediately made me question what i was believing...I went to school the next day and Amy had given me this really thoughtful, sweet card...The card basically said "i am so proud of you and us for accepting the lord in our lives. I really look up to you Stephani and i know we can do this" (it was much longer then that but you get the idea) I was touched and so thankful to have her walking along side me during such a touching inspirational time. I don't exactly remember how long we kept up with this new blessing of following the lord but i do know that what my parents said always replayed in the back of my mind no matter how much i tried to ignore it. Until the year of 2002. When my parents were going through divorce. Both my parents turned to God and church to try and save their marriage and our family. We all started going to church regularly together and we all got baptized together in front of the whole was such an amazing feeling, i will never forget those times....
Josh and i have both been so busy these last 2 years. Planning a wedding and then getting settled in to our new home as newlyweds for another year..we kind of lost focus on the Lord and both felt his calling at the same time....Im on my 3rd book now and i am so lost in them it leaves me wanting to know more, to get to know the lord more and to want to follow him in every possible way i can....Every time i read a big chunk of my book josh and i have a little bible study on it. I tell him what i read and tells me exactly what the bible says, i tell him what i don't understand and he puts it in better terms for me....without even realizing it, God has pulled us together to him! Every morning on the way to work and home from work Josh and i listen to religious talk on 107.9 and when we get home we talk about all we learned that day.....It's amazing how God is working in both our lives and together as one!
Last night (after a long crazy stressful day at work) Josh and i decided to go to dinner (sushi of course)! I go to open the car door and sticking out of the side of the car door is a little bag that says Christian light house on it....First thought was "what the heck, god is REALLY reaching out to me" then i get in the car and say "Josh, did u see this" he is smiling ear to ear and then i know in it is something from him : ) I open it and in it i find bible tabs and a card that reads:
When I Think of us….
I remember the first days of falling in love-
Staying up late, talking for hours,
Thinking, "Maybe this is the one."
I look back
On our wedding day
And I feel again the joy
Of hearing you say "I DO"
I Look at us now,
And I can see that each year
we're finding out more
about what it means
to make two lives one,
and how to walk with each other
and with the lord-
Even when things are hard.
I still want to grow old
With you by my side,
And know what it means
To share a lifetime of
"Better or worse" with the one
I'll Always Love
I love you with all my heart. II Corinthians 6;11 TLB

In the card josh writes:

Growing with you is so much fun! You make me laugh, smile, cry with happiness and you fill me up with love. Learning and sharing stories with you about God these last few weeks did something to me. I want to grow as a Christian with you and become more Christian like. You have such a kind heart and with a relationship with the lord I know you will touch so many people baby. I just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me and how much I love that we are always on the same page together. I wanted to buy you something today but I had to order it. So I will give you your new Woman's Devotional bible when it gets in. I love you baby.

Reading his card and his forever kind words made me want to tear up. God has really blessed me with Josh and there is never a day that goes by that I don’t appreciate every part of who he is. I pray that we continue to follow the lord together and that he continues to bless not just our marriage but everyone who has touched our lives as well….Together we can accomplish anything and together we will follow the Lord the best way we can together as one……

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