Thursday, September 17, 2009

I hate leaving in the mornings....

I hate leaving the house in the mornings. I really really do and I cannot emphasize that enough! Every morning Josh wakes up about 5 minutes before I do. He makes our coffee, feeds the dogs, feeds Aussie, empties out the dishwasher and then gets himself ready. Some mornings he puts gas in my car too (I don’t ever put gas in my car by myself, I know I'm weird) he really helps me out in the mornings and I'm forever thankful for that.
I get up and brush my teeth then proceed to make his lunch and my Kota girl her toast (in which she loves). Josh's lunch is always anything but simple and takes me about 15minutes to put together. I always make him a gourmet like sandwich for lunch, I also make his breakfast so all he has to do it warm it up when he gets to work and I pack him tons of healthy snacks in which I also put a lot of thought into. His snacks are usually 2 hard boiled eggs, a banana with yogurt and a zip lock baggy with granola to add to his yogurt, wheat crackers and cheese I cut up to go with each cracker he eats. Josh comes home all the time and tell me all the guys at his work are jealous at how I always make his lunches so gourmet! I guess when you love someone that much you don’t think about how much love you put into everything you do for them, it just comes natural. I never think I'm making him anything special but he reminds me everyday how much love and time I take to put together that lunch he carries out in his big read lunch box everyday! Anyway back to why I hate leaving the house in the mornings…Josh leaves at 7am and I leave at 7:30am…I'm the last home with our animals and they follow me around the house after he leaves looking extremely sad EVERY morning. I leave the TV on for the all day and open all the windows in the house. I have to put Aussie in her cage when we leave now because she has learned to walk around the house when we are not home. Every time I put Aussie in her cage it breaks my heart. I go to walk out the front door to head to my car and as I'm closing the door behind me saying "bye guys, you be good for me ok" Aussie yells "byeeeeeeeeeeee" and Kota gives me those eyes :( Those eyes replay in the back of my head all morning. She looks so sad when I leave! As I get in my car I can see Aussie from the window, she watches me until I'm completely out of sight and I feel so horrible for leaving her….Some morning's Kota will stand at the window and watch me pull away until I'm at the end of the block..Those mornings really make me want to call in work sick and stay home with them. My 3 other animals are not nearly as emotional as my Kota girl and Aussie….Something about Kota is just so different, she feels everything we feel and I feel her pain too…. Anyone who knows me well enough knows my animals are my world. I treat them and talk to them as if they were children and they are anything but normal animals because of that…Today is one of those days where I wish I was home with them, both Josh and I got home late last night and I didn’t get enough time with them when I got home cause I was so tired. I miss them today, terribly.
I have so much to write about and so little time…..I better get to work now. My new Woman's Devotional Bible should be here any day; I am so excited to get it!!!

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