Friday, May 31, 2013

18 Week Update

I'm a day late on this post because yesterday was crazy and I worked until 7:00 p.m.  I was so exhausted when I got home last night.

Week 18 - Baby has doubled in size over the past 2 weeks and is now the size of a sweet potato! This little sweet potato enjoys sitting on my bladder these days making me feel like I have to pee really bad all the time when I really don't have to go that bad. I'm continuing to feel her roll around in there when lying really still in bed at night or first thing in the morning when I wake up. Yesterday I felt the biggest movements from her, she was pretty much nonstop all day. I usually feel her every other day or so and it's such a refreshing feeling. I'm still feeling really good, although I do feel a bit more "weighed down" this week as everything on my body continued to grow. At the beginning of this pregnancy I started noticing changes in my boobs, thighs and butt first. To this day, both continue to grow and I'm ready for the growing to stop now LOL. I have continued to not only run at least 4/5 days a week but workout legs/glutes once a week as well, in hopes that my lower half at least stays somewhat toned while growing. At this rate my belly is going to be the last thing to catch up. A lot of people seem to think carrying a girl/boy makes a difference as to where and when you gain weight but I asked my doctor and she said it has nothing to do with that and everything to do with your own body on how you carry. Jamie Eason is pregnant with a boy right now and I'm having a girl and I've noticed that I'm carrying very similar to her. I truly think it has everything to do with the shapes of our bodies. I know having a shorter torso is one big reason why I'm carrying the way I am. My mom carried both my brother and I the same way and she also said she didn't even start showing until she was near 6 months.

I have a doctor's appointment next week. It's just a check-up and I think we are also starting blood work that week as well. It's crazy to think I'm almost half way through this pregnancy already. Although I was dreading being pregnant during summer, I'm extremely excited that I'm going to be on maternity leave during my favorite time of the year (winter) and during the holidays. I plan on working as long as I can until this baby is due so that I can enjoy more time off after. I've always debated on going back to work part-time as my boss said he would not have a problem with that at all, but as I thought about it more I decided I rather continue to work full-time. I have a great schedule now and my boss is so accommodating if I need to leave early, come in late or take days off so why not continue to make more money rather than less.

How far along: 18 weeks

Symptoms: Nothing new really other than right knee pain/leg pain I get every now and then.

Clothes: Living in maxi dresses and if I do wear pants I use the rubber band trick, but let's be honest pants really are not that comfortable these days and when i do wear them I cannot wait to take them off.

How I’m feeling: Feeling great, missing my summer body though when I read about how everyone is getting ready for summer. It's crazy looking back at pictures of my body this time last year. I never realized how hard I worked to have the body I wanted until I look back at pictures. I cannot wait to get back there again after this baby is born. I'm actually looking forward to the challenge!

Cravings: Crackers and cheese and mangos.

My Fears of late: Having everything ready when the baby arrives.

Movement: I feel her every other day or so, her movements get a bit stronger every time. If her nonstop movements are any indication of her future sleeping schedule, we are SCREWED lol she is so active all day long when I do feel her.

Excited for: My mother in law said she wants to start talking about planning my baby shower, I'm excited to start planning that with her! I also just booked our maternity photo session for September (I had to book way in advance because this girl books fast). Super excited about that too!

Missing: Nothing much, I can't wait to have champagne nights with my husband again though : )

Sleep: It was really good at the start of this week and then towards the end of the week work became stressful and I had one awful sleepless night. I stayed up all night thinking about WORK UGH! I felt horrible the next day for not having slept.

I know I posted a picture 2 days ago, but here is an 18 week picture taken exactly when I hit 18 weeks (yesterday).  I also attached a picture of what my belly looks like sitting down.  If I had a dollar for every person that said there is no way you are 4 1/2 months pregnant right now, I would be one rich girl!  My belly will pop eventually!

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