Thursday, May 9, 2013

15 Weeks!

15 weeks today and our baby is now the size of a navel orange! I’m feeling so good this week and hope I continue down this path for a while. My husband and I are extremely excited for this weekend, when we hopefully find out the gender of the baby and can give he/she a name. Yes, we have names picked out for both a boy and a girl, however, we are not saying any names until we know what we are having. Our boy name is super unique and a name my husband came up with and our girl names (yes I have two to pick between ahhhh) are names that I have loved for a very long time! Girl names are so much easier than boy names! Any guesses on what we may be having?!?
I had a checkup appointment on Tuesday. The doctor had to search around for the baby’s heartbeat for a second and had he scared! It wasn’t long before she found it and boy was it a beautiful sound. Doctor said we are healthy and all is well. I’ve gained a whopping 3 lbs thus far. I know it’s only a matter of time before the pounds start packing on.

Last week I only worked out 4 days out of the week because we were so busy getting our home ready for open house and the migraines I had just about killed me. This week has been a much better week and my workouts have been amazing! One of my biggest pet peeves is when people tell me I shouldn’t be doing this or that while pregnant. I know my body and I listen to it. I workout when I feel good and I rest when I know my body needs it.

My eating is pretty much back to normal. I’m over the Italian food phase and have no problem keeping my meals clean. It’s the little snacks here and there that aren’t clean (Doritos with tapatio and Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream occasionally lol). What’s really weird is I use to eat dark chocolate almost every day before I was pregnant and now I cannot eat it for the life of me! Chocolate in general is something I don’t crave at all anymore! So weird, I wouldn’t have been saying that before pregnancy. I also cannot stand peanut butter anymore.

I haven’t even thought about taking any pregnancy classes yet…I’m curious to know if any of you took any classes and if there are any in which you highly recommend taking.

How far along: 15 Weeks

Symptoms: None lately, not even tired!

Clothes: Fitting a little tight but still wearing all my pre-pregnancy stuff.

How I’m feeling: I have been migraine free for 3 days and feeling great! No more feeling fatigue and my energy level is up! My only complaint is these damn breakouts I have been having! My face is breaking out like crazy! It’s driving me nuts because I never use to breakout. Anyone have suggestions on anything that helps with breakouts?

Cravings: I really don’t have anything I’m particularly craving. However, I do want and like everything fresh, if it’s not fresh I won’t eat it haha. Fresh fruit and veggies!

My Fears of late: I don’t want stretch marks ahhhh!

Movement: Still too early to feel anything yet

Excited for: Finding out the gender of the baby this weekend. I can't freakin wait!! Any guesses from anyone?

Missing: Sushi!!! I want sushi so bad!!

Sleep: I have been sleeping so good at night. I hope I continue to sleep this good for a long time.

Here I am at 15 weeks, not much to show yet:


  1. its a girl :)

  2. I broke out horribly with my son and there really isn't too much you can do since it is hormonal. I used Cliniques Acne solutions face wash and acne solutions clarifying lotion along with their regular daily moisturizing lotion and I like it a lot. Help calm my break outs because they got really really bad!!

  3. I will be taking the main Childbirth Education class (16 hours total) at the hospital where I will be delivering. I've heard it is best to make sure the laboring techniques where you are delivering are in line with what is taught in the class you take. We also did our hospital tour first to make sure that is where we wanted to deliver.

    Also, my mom is a CPR instructor, so we will have her teach us infant CPR. :)