Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother Day Recap - It's a GIRL!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!

My husband and I had an ultrasound planned for the morning of Mother's Day to find out our baby's gender. Originally we had it booked for the following weekend but not everyone could make it so we had to change the date and it just so happened to be on Mother's Day. We went to a place in Redondo Beach called First Look Sonogram that was recommended by a family member. This place was so awesome because you can bring as many people as you want to watch the ultrasound. It's done in a large room full of couches and a big screen on the wall so everyone can see a bigger picture of the baby. Originally we thought we would go alone and do a gender reveal party but after doing some thinking we thought this would be even more special. Afterall, this will be the first grandchild and everyone already wants to be apart of every part of her life. I'm so glad we did it this way and that everyone was able to join us, it was unforgettable and so exciting!

Two weeks prior to our appointment my husband and I made little props so we could do a photo of everyone guessing the baby's gender and then another photo revealing the gender with the same props. We made lips for a girl and mustaches for a boy. When everyone arrived at our house Sunday morning we had them pick either a mustache or lips. Once everyone made their choice we snapped a photo. Everyone picked lips except my mother-in-law and two brother-in-laws. As bad as they wanted a girl, they had a feeling it was going to be a boy being their family is all boys.

When Josh and I first found out we were pregnant everyone kept saying it's the year of boys, you guys will have a boy. After hearing it sooooo many times we started thinking it was going to be a boy. We had our girl names picked out but not one boy name. So we decided we might as well start making a list of boy names. That list didn't get very long. Once my husband mentioned a name he thought would be awesome, that was it, we were set on that name. I'm not revealing that name because if we do have a boy one day that will be his name : ) Anyhow, the first two months of our pregnancy people had us convinced it was a boy. My mother-in-law kept saying how much she wanted us to have a girl but that she knew it was a boy because boy genes dominate in their family. My mom from the very begining said she thought it was a girl. The week before our appointment something clicked in my head, I had this gut feeling that this baby was a girl. Something just told me that we were having a girl and that same week multiple people approached me and said "I think you're having a girl". My husband texted me the day before our appointment and said "I had a dream last night and in our dream we had a baby and it was a boy". I texted him back and said "that's funny, but something tells me this is not a boy, it's a girl ": ) He really, really wanted a girl so much so that he was almost positive it was going to be a boy......

We arrived at the ultrasound place around 10:15 a.m., filed out some paperwork and picked whether we wanted to do a 5 minute unltrasound or 10 minute. We picked a 10 minute one, the longer we got to see our baby the better : ) I loved the lady that did our unltasound, she was so informative and so sweet! Within seconds of doing the ultrasound she said "I know what it is can you guys tell if it's a boy or girl?". I immidetaley thought if she knew that quick it was a boy. My mother-in-law kept yelling out "it's a boy, it's a boy" and my best friend and Josh's aunt kept saying "it's a girl, it's a girl". After 2 minutes of everyone trying to guess, she finally got a clear showing of the baby with HER legs straight up in the air and open! She had no problem showing the world that she was very much so a GIRL! When the ultrasound tech yelled out "It's a GIRL" we all screamed!! Chills ran down my body and the tears started rolling down my cheeks, I grabbed my husband's hand and said "we got our girl"! We were so happy!! We prayed for this little girl and there she was with all her fingers and toes, a heartbeat of 156, moving around like crazy, breathing and looking as healthy as can be! We were so filled with joy, such an amazing feeling! During the ulrasound she had the hiccups like crazy. It was so cute to see her bounce around every time she would hiccup. She was also sucking her thumb and when the lady would tell me to wiggle my hips so we could move her to see her face better she would put her hand on her head like a little drama queen. She melted our hearts. Seeing her made everything feel so much more real, especially since I'm not showing yet. I can't wait until both Josh and I can actually feel her move!

Before leaving we took a few last photos revealing the gender and then went of to BBQ at my-mother-in-laws house. It was the perfect Mother's Day!

I cannot wait to meet this little girl who has already melted our hearts. I'm excited about every bit of this pregnancy (minus the migraines this little girl is STILL giving me) and even more so now that I know I can shop for a girl!! She's going to be one little sassy girl and hopefully a tomboy like her mama : ) We have decided to name her Atiana Nicole. Nicole is my middle name and we thought it flowed just right with her name: )

It's a GIRL!

Sucking her thumb

GIRL, legs up in the air and all lol

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  1. This makes me SMILE so big for you both, Steph. Congratulations again, You two are already amazing parents to your fur-babies...I can just imagine how great you'll be with baby Atiana!