Thursday, May 23, 2013

17 Weeks Pregnant

I forgot to do a 16 week update last week, however, my 16 week update was basically that baby girl is suppose to double in size over the next couple of weeks! I am now at 17 weeks yay. Baby girl is now the size of an onion and 3 nights ago I felt her move for the first time! My husband and I had a late dinner and after dinner we were laying down watching The Voice when all of a sudden I felt a little squirm that made me jump. It freaked me out and first until I realized it was her moving around. Shortly after I felt a few little pokes about five minutes apart and then she stopped. It was such an awesome reassuring feeling. I didn't think I would feel her for another few weeks but either the Caesar salad I had, the one bite of chili cheese fries my husband gave me or Adam Levine's voice excited her : ) The next day I didn’t feel her at all and then yesterday morning after eating breakfast and while I was eating lunch I felt her again! I felt little jabs (felt like popcorn popping in my belly) about every 20/30 seconds for about 5 minutes straight. Little girl must have been loving the bananas and blueberries I had for breakfast and the french fries I got into at lunch time because she was on a roll, it was so cool to feel her once again. It’s crazy because once you know the feeling of feeling them move around, you can identify it right away when you feel it again. I cannot wait for these movements to get stronger and I cannot wait for my husband to be able to feel her move, it's so awesome. I've also started feeling a lot of stretching in my abdomen/pelvic area. If I get up too quickly/sneeze it feels almost as if I'm going to tear my lower stomach muscles. I haven't had this pain since the start of my first trimester. I have also gained a little bit of a belly now. It’s pretty safe to say my stomach is no longer flat, it still has muscle to it, but it’s not flat and it definitely looks bigger at night after I have had all my meals than it does in the morning. I tried fitting into my biggest pair of size 0 pants this morning and they no longer fit without the help of a hair tie/belly band. My boobs are also going through another growth spurt right now and they hurt and itch constantly (TMI – I know). They have already doubled in size and I am not looking forward to them growing any more. I went shopping at Lululemon this past weekend and wasn’t very happy when my boobs wouldn’t fit into the size I would normally wear. I had to ask for a bigger size (size 6) and I was still squishing my boobs to fit in that size *sigh*. I’m going to need a boob lift after this baby lol.

I’m happy to report that my skin has been clearing up, however, I do have a few pimples that have been there for about a month and won't go away : ( The migraines have also stopped, woohoo! I find myself hungrier a bit more often but nothing too extreme. I’ve become really picky with my meals and pretty much only want to eat salads loaded with veggies and cheese but have a hard time eating the meat in them, homemade tacos topped with Greek yogurt, spinach, tomatoes, avocado and cheese and cold sandwiches with spinach, cucumber and avocado in them. Oh and cereal and fruit for breakfast every morning! I want everything cold and as fresh as possible. Anything hot/too much meat sounds gross to me. As far as snacking goes, I am obsessed with crackers and cheese right now and always keep Ben & Jerry’s frozen yogurt (Half Baked) in my freezer for nights : ). My workouts have felt amazing lately. I have the same amount of energy I had before I was pregnant which is awesome because it makes my workouts more enjoyable. I’m still maintaining about 4 days of cardio and 5 days of lifting (I usually skip cardio on leg day).

On another note, one of my pregnancy updates just told me I shouldn't be sleeping on my back at night after my first trimester. I wasn't aware of this and have been totally falling asleep on my back, it's the only way I can get comfortable at night. I haven't been able to sleep on my stomach for a while being my boobs from day one have hurt really bad and sleeping on my side hurts them too. Although I normally fall asleep on my back, I do end up on my side sometime during the night. I don't know how I'm going to avoid sleeping this way, ugh!

How far along: 17 Weeks. Going on month 5 already ahhhh

Symptoms: None really I feel great.

Clothes: Wearing a lot of long dresses and skirts these days, anything loose and comfortable. I feel most uncomfortable in pants and I think that’s because I’m not really showing yet and in the morning when I put pants on I feel fine but as I eat throughout the day my stomach starts to expand and I start feeling uncomfortable in them.

How I’m feeling: I absolutely love this trimester, I hardly feel pregnant most days, I feel great!

Cravings: Cracker and cheeses, MY homemade tacos and fruit.

My Fears of late: I do not fear a whole lot just more so hoping we get through these next few crazy busy months ahead of us. So much to do so little time!

Movement: At 6 weeks and 5 days I finally felt her move, love feeling her presence!

Excited for: Feeling her movements get stronger and for my husband to get to feel her too : ) Also excited about making another ultrasound appointment in a few weeks, love getting to see her.

Missing: I really don’t miss much other than when we have a big event coming up that everyone will be drinking at and I can’t drink : ( We have two weddings to go to next month. One is in Vegas and this is the first time we will be making a Vegas trip and won’t be able to party, boo! Speaking of weddings, I’ll be 20 weeks when we go to the first wedding and I need to find a dress that will look flattering on me. Any suggestions?!? Oh and I also miss fitting into my normal pants. Right now I can fit into them with the help of a hair tie/belly band but I just feel like I look extremely bloated not pregnant. I’m so use to being in great shape that I’m having a hard time adjusting to the way I now look in my pants, blah! I’m sure once my belly looks more like a pregnant belly I’ll feel much better about it.

Sleep: Sleep has been amazing, I’m a light sleeper normally but somehow this stage of pregnancy has allowed for some great sleep with no waking up to go to the bathroom or tossing and turning – I wonder how long this will last haha

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