Thursday, June 13, 2013

5 months Pregnant - Update

I forgot to do a 19 week update so I’m jumping straight into my 20 week update. Today marks 20 weeks (5 months, YAY - happy dance) baby girl is now the size of a banana weighing about 10.2 ounces and measures about 6.5 inches long. She moves around constantly. The little tapping I once felt now feels like a baseball rolling around on the inside of my stomach. It’s such a weird feeling. I could be having a horrible day at work and then this little one starts moving around like crazy and it brightens my whole day!

I had a 19 week checkup last week and the doctor said everything was looking great. She said I'm tiny and probably won’t gain much during my pregnancy. I'm guessing I will gain at least 25lbs regardless of what she thinks. We will see. My last appointment was a month ago and since then I have gained 4 lbs. That puts me at a 7 lb gain so far, although I'm pretty sure half of that has gone to my boobs and my thighs haha. Within seconds of her holding the Doppler up to me belly i could hear this little one loud and clear. I was able to record her heartbeat for my husband to hear : ) Next time I go to the doctor I will be nearly 6 months, I'm hoping she will schedule another ultrasound soon thereafter. We are planning on doing a 4D ultrasound when I'm near 32 weeks in September, I cannot wait to do that and have our whole family come see her too. We also have our maternity photo's scheduled for September 1, 2013 and our baby shower on September 22, 2013. September is going to be a busy exciting month and then the following month (fingers crossed) baby girl should be here!

Speaking of our baby shower, I need to start registering or at least making a list if things I want to register for. We plan on registering at Babies R’ Us and on Amazon. So far, the only thing I have picked out is her bedroom set (crib, dressers and crib bedding). My husband and I are buying her bedroom set and my mother-in-law offered to buy her bedding so none of those are things we need to register for. I also have the stroller/car seat set I want picked out but other than that I have a whole lot of looking around and learning to do. Please leave a comment below if there are any MUST have items I should have on my registry and any items that are not worth buying. I hear a ton of moms say that received a bunch of stuff that they thought they needed but ended up not needing. I would love to hear what some of that stuff is.

This past week I've actually started feeling pregnant. My back has been hurting when standing too long, running has gotten a tad bit harder within the last 2 days and sleeping involves a lot of tossing and turning all night long. I'm constantly having to switch sides or I get sore and uncomfortable. I can't wait until I can sleep on my back and stomach again. This pregnancy has been pretty easy this far so I really hope I continue down this path because I feel extremely lucky. I was sick with a bad cold last week and had two days of being really sick and completely drained and then a day later I was back to my normal self and feeling great. I’m still working out and staying active as much as possible and my eating hasn’t been bad either. I rarely get cravings and when I do, it’s not usually for bad food. My husband has been so incredibly supportive. He constantly reminds me how beautiful he thinks I am and offers to help do everything for me. I am so not a lazy pregnant woman and I think sometimes he wishes I was so that he could do more for me. Maybe when I get further along I’ll ask for help more often : ) The other day he said someone at work asked him how life was living with a complaining pregnant wife. Josh said he just laughed and said “I’m actually really lucky because she never complains about anything”. I'm just not a complainer, I'll suck it up and be tough before I start complaining and if I do complain then you know something is definitley wrong. Every night Josh asks me if I can feel the baby moving and if I do feel her move he wants me to let him know so he can feel her too. I love that he is so excited and involved. I feel extremely blessed to have an amazing husband by my side through all of this.

I've been debating on taking some kind of pregnancy classes/breast feeding classes and decided that I rather just go with the flow of things and not take any classes. I'm such an easy go with the flow kind of person and I feel our bodies were designed to do this so it's all just going to come natural. I rather learn as I go and not have a "plan" for everything. Afterall, nothing goes as planned anyway...

How far along: 20 weeks (5 months) Yay for being half way through this pregnancy. Man time sure is flying fast and there is still so much to do!

Symptoms: Feeling short of breath very easily. This was giving me a little bit of anxiety at first but I'm slowly getting use to the feeling. My back and feet also get really sore when standing for long periods of time, again, something I'm trying to adjust to. Before being pregnant I was the energizer bunny who never sat down! It’s hard to slow your role when you're kind of forced to.

Clothes: I don't want to talk about it haha. None of my old "going out" dresses fit any longer, I was hoping at least one would fit for an upcoming Vegas wedding we're going to attend. The sad part is my stomach isn't the problem, it's my thighs and butt that won’t allow any of my dresses to fit, sigh. I feel most comfortable in leggings/maxi dresses although my regular size 0 pants still fit with the help of a hair tie/belly band it's just not so comfortable bending over in them lol.

How I’m feeling: Aside from being sick this past week I feel pretty dang good. I’ve had a day or two of major back pain and so I know to rest those days but other than that I’m still running when I can, lifting and going about each day just fine.

Cravings: Crackers and cheese, mangos, BLT’s, tomatoes and cherries.

My Fears of late: Getting our house situation together before the baby gets here. We are in limbo right now with either buying another house or staying and adding on to our house, ugh! This has put a stop on starting our nursery : (

Movement: She's rolling around in there and her movements have become fairly big now. It’s crazy how big her movements got in a matter of a couple days. Both my husband and I can both feel her now. She tends to be most active every other day in the mornings and throughout the day. At night, she’s much less active which is weird because most people say their babies were most active at night.

Excited for: Baby shower planning progress! We have set a date of September 22, 2013 which is some time away but my mother-in-law is in charge of it and she’s already on top of everything! I cannot wait to see it all come together. We decided on a co-ed shower since my husband really wants to be involved as much as possible. I love that he is just as excited about everything as I am.

Missing: Being able to move around like I use to, I have to remember to slow down and be careful because when I move too fast it hurts! I also miss the nice skin I once had. I've never had skin problems until being pregnant. Now I breakout all the time and it drives me nuts! I thought I would be missing champagne by now, but the truth is the smell of it grosses me out. We went to a wedding this past weekend and there was tons of champagne around me and the smell had me feeling sick.


  1. When thinking about bedding, we went all out and got a fancy bumper and crib set only to have to switch to a breathable bumper once my son actually started sleeping in his crib due to suffocation can be caused by fluffy bumpers. Just something to think about.

  2. Some musts: moby/sleepy wrap & breastfeeding cover up, I didn't have a lot of gadgets but those are two things I couldn't have done without!

  3. I found that we used the Bundle Me (which attaches to the car seat) for a long time, a vibrating/swing seat (ours wasn't the swing version but just would vibrate some and it was smaller then the swing ones so we could prop it on the table or what not), baby gym mat, when a little older we utilized the jumparoo, a baby carrying wrap of some sort-makes cooking dinner or getting things done around the house 100x easier :). We also found a little stuffed animal that played music and my son still sleeps with it to this day (he is 4 1/2 years old)

  4. I highly recommend an exersaucer! The babies love them. It's great to bring into the bathroom while you shower or the kitchen while you cook. Soo happy and excited for you all! :)

  5. A Boppy pillow! I'm breast feeding, and my baby girl is almost 6 months so we have gotten a lot of good use from our Boppy. It makes things so much more comfortable! Also not sure what stroller/car seat you picked but we chose the Orbit system. It is expensive, but it has been SO worth it. Congrats! You look great :)