Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Love Coming Home!

As crazy as this may sound, there is not a day of the week i do not love! My Mondays are never a case of the Mondays, in fact i actually look forward to them because Josh and I have a little routine Mondays being he has no work. I love our Mondays and I love that when i come home he has the house all nice and clean, candles lit and he always has a glass of wine waiting for me. I come home and change into my comfy clothes and then we have the whole night of nothing but enjoying each other and talking about our day.

The rest of the week goes by so fast because I'm so overly busy at work i don't even notice what time it is half the time. But the best part of my every day is what i get to come home to!!! 6pm rolls around and I'm driving home smiling every day because i know who is home waiting for me! There is just no better feeling!!! I love our little home, it's so cozy and it's ours! We can do whatever we want, when we want and how we want because we own that little home and it's our little world! I love coming home to my best friend, having a glass of wine with him and just talking for hours (yes, we can still talk for hours about anything) and watching the animals run around the house and Aussie cracking us up with her random talk! Everyday is just so much fun and it's such a great feeling to be so in love and so fulfilled in every way. I have the most romantic husband who is always keeping me on my toes, keeping our love fresh and can i just say he is hard to keep up with in the romance department : ) I LOVE COMING HOME!!!

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