Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sick and Tired of being Sick!

I was just saying "I never get sick" to people at work and then BOOM out of no where i get sick. There is nothing worse then not being able to function. I am always on the go, always doing something, always moving around and for the past 2 days i have done nothing but sleep, drink tea and eat top ramen. Grrrr i hate this! I hate not being able to go to work when i know how much work is sitting on my desk, i hate not being able to workout because i don't have the energy, i hate not being able to clean the house or cook because my body hurts too much to get up, i hate not being able to hold Aussie because she can easily get sick if i touch her and i hate that i cant cuddle or make love to my husband because i don't want to get him sick (lord only knows if he gets sick it will be 10times worse then my getting sick). Hoping today will be the last day of this awful flu.
On another note..Thank you, My Love, for staying home with me yesterday. For taking care of me and not allowing me to do anything for myself. Although i slept almost the whole entire day, the best feeling was knowing every time i woke up you were right there offering me medicine, food, water etc.... You are so good to me, you really are the best husband, so selfless and so good to me all the time. I miss you today. It seems like the longest day knowing you have work and then off to take your test : ( and you wont be home till late. I guess Aussie can entertain me until you get home. You should hear her practicing her "cough" every time i cough she mocks me to the T. Cracks me up. After you left this morning i made some soup, had a couple bites and couldn't eat anymore so i took NyQuil and passed out until almost noon. I woke up to all three dogs surrounding me on the couch and Aussie on the other couch watching out the window : ) They make me smile. I will see you tonight, My love, Xoxoxo


  1. ive never seen a sexier sick person

  2. OMG you are out of your mind i feel so bad that you have had to see me look like a mess for 2 days. No makeup, no doing my hair or getting dressed : P I am soooo putting myself together today LOL I love you baby!