Saturday, November 14, 2009

Marriage & Divorce...

It's insane how many people you hear about getting divorced these days. People our age who just got married and already they are giving up on their marriage WTH?? Too many people take marriage lightly now. It's like they want to jump on the band wagon of what everyone else is doing, rushing to catch up to everyone else, not having patience and just jumping into something i don't think they realize is a commitment for the rest of their lives! When you fall in love take time and enjoy being in love before making a huge decision such as marriage. I am the first to defend men when it comes to relationships and marriages. I think too many women expect to just be taken care of, too many women complain about themselves, their husbands and about things in their life, too many women want to rush marriage or children when the guy isn't really ready for it and too many women are freakin moody and bipolar making it impossible for a man to get a long with let alone come home to. As for men, they are who they are and they don't change who they are after marriage, women should know that by now. Marrying someone does not make a bad relationship better either. I hate hearing about divorce. I hate hearing people have just given up. It truly gives love and marriage a bad name.

When Josh and I got engaged so many people told us "Good luck, the first 3 years are hard and that's when you really learn the most about each other... marriage is hard work". I have to admit, it kind of scared us to hear that being we never fought. The reason Josh and I never fought and still don't is because we were best friends first. We knew each other outside of being in a relationship and we had so much respect for one another from day one. We never played games and never held anything back from one another. We have been married a little over a year now and we have yet to figure out what people are taking about when they say it's hard work. Maybe it has something to do with they way we did things. We moved in together before we were together and shared a room at my dads house for a year and a half. One room just Josh and I, from day one. If we were gonna get on each others nerves or realize bad habits this is where we would figure it all out. Luckily enough all our bad habits were cute to one another : ) We brought all our friends together hung out, partied and established "friends" together. The day we got engaged we combined both our bank accounts and learned how to manage money together as one. Josh had just bought me an expensive engagement ring that he was planning on making payments on for a year. We knew we wanted to buy a house together at that time so we immediately combined our bank accounts and we payed off my ring together fast! We saved money each month as if it were a house payment and payed the ring in full. That was our first test at we handled money together and after the ring was payed off we bought our home while planning a wedding together. We basically tackled everything before marriage and maybe that's why we don't understand when people say the first few years are hard. You have to always serve one another and the day you stop is the day everything will go down hill...

I really hate hearing people have given up. Marrige should never be taken lightly. You should always give your all and never stop serving the person your with.

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