Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Back to work : (

Back to work today! After having 5 full days of nothing but relaxing, it's really hard to get into "work mode"! This morning Josh and I slept in as long as we possibly could keeping one another warm and just enjoying the last few minutes of our time together before we started another week of working our butts off. I was so lazy up until 9am when i forced myself to get ready for the day. I drank my coffee, had breakfast, laid on the couch with the dogs and played on the computer all up until the last minute of getting ready. No running for me today. I figured Mon-Sun i ran a total of 48 miles so today would be my day off ( i tend to forget that when working out, you do need a day or two to let your body recover).

I had such a wonderful 5 days off! Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving) I had a great day at work. I was so excited with how caught up i was on my work and the vibe at work was great cause everyone was in a good mood and then 3pm came and the rest of my work day turned to crap! We got this e-mail saying everyone could leave at 3:30pm to get an early start on their long weekend and Holiday! Ya, well everyone except me! I cover the phones for the last hour and half of the night because our receptionist leaves at 4pm. Everyone was able to leave at 3:30 but they wanted to keep the phones on till 5:30pm! Are you kidding me? No one is gonna call if everyone is gone and how is that fair to me?!? Oh don't worry Steph you will get paid 2 hours of overtime...OVERTIME?!?! Really?? I don't want overtime! I don't care to make extra money, my time is way more valuable then money! Anyway, point is i was upset. I came to the front desk to cover the phones when our receptionist said "steph, i have nothing to do tonight, go home and ill cover" After arguing back n forth with her for about 10minutes on how i felt bad for her staying till 5:30 she insisted i leave and so i did. She told me that because im always so nice to her and because I'm always willing to help her out she wanted to do the same for me....so nice of her! So on my way home, i call Josh and I vent! Vent so much that i start crying about how I'm too nice and i always get taken advantage of at work because i always do EVERYTHING for everyone with no questions, no complaining etc..I know im too nice and im always looking out for everyone other then myself and normally i don't mind but for some reason i did mind this time. As always Josh has the perfect words and just the sound of his voice puts me at ease. When i got off the phone with him my mood completely turned around and i was ready to go home have some wine and enjoy the night! We had a great long weekend together! We spent time with Friends we have not seen in a while, spent time with our animals (who by the way did not want me leaving them this morning)we decorated the house for Christmas and got our tree!!! Once again i feel like i just fell in love all over again. I always feel that way when i get extra time with Josh...He just makes me smile 24/7 and we have so much fun with everything we do!

I'm driving to work this morning thinking about Josh, about the animals and about us and how blessed i feel to have married such a selfless wonderful man. I brought our receptionist Starbucks for the favor she did me on Wednesday and she was so thankful!! Then she goes on to say " that was so sweet of your husband to call work on Wednesday after you left and thank me for covering you and telling me how much he appreciates me helping you out". Huh? Josh called work on Wednesday?? She's like "ya, that was so sweet of him"! He never told me he called to thank her but every thought i was thinking on the way to work about how lucky i am just made me feel 10times more lucky! 10 times more blessed! I truly have such an amazing husband that has such a huge heart!!! The best part is, he doesn't just show me his huge heart, he shows everyone and all who are in our lives!!! I love you my love and you still amaze me everyday. You make my everyday so perfect and i wouldnt trade it for anything in the WORLD!

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