Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine Day 2010

I don't even really know where to start other then my husband is AMAZING. Life has been so busy for both of us. We work non-stop and come home and work some more, i don't think anyone understands what a messy house is unless you have as many animals as us that all live in doors! Constant shedding of hair, dog throw up on the couches when they are sick and cannot make it outside, torn up couches from being chewed on, bird crap, dirt everywhere because they like to dig and bring all the dirt in the house with them etc... oh i can go on and on. However, i don't care how much work these animals are at times. I would not change having them for the world, they are so much fun!!! Josh and I had a house cleaner for a while only for her to keep raising her prices on us because she said our house was TOO much work. Her one day a week of cleaning only lasted one day and the house was back to normal again so we decided having her was a waist of money. So we clean ourselves EVERYDAY and one big cleaning on Saturday. With that being said, Josh, and I only have Sunday's together to do whatever we want...but because I'm training for the LA Marathon most of our Sunday's consist of a long run during the day and then the night to do whatever we want. All in all there is just not enough time together, or so it feels sometimes. I just miss my husband when I'm not with him..i could spend every waking moment with him and never be bored! We have so much fun together, we are both spontaneous so you just never know where or what we are going to do next and i love that about us.

This past weekend was so WONDERFUL and as always i fell in love with Josh all over again. All it takes is an extra hour, day, moment for that to happen but this weekend was just PERFECT in every way. Valentines Day morning i was up first! Not feeling too well from the night before but i was up and had to run 10 miles (dreading my run) i ran at 10am and finished at a great time (1 hour and 10 minutes) Josh cleaned the backyard while i ran and just watching him kept my mind from not being so bored on the treadmill. After my run we went to my dad's house and Josh's Mom's house to drop off Valentine goodies for them : ) Cupcakes and Oreo Balls! Then we took Aussie to Omar's to get her nails trimmed and to pick her up a new toy and food. The whole way to Omar's i had fatigue really bad, I'm sure it was a combination of having just ran 10 miles, not eating, not enough water and the bumpy car (i get car sick easily) i just felt crappy. After getting Aussie groomed we took her to lunch with us at this little hole in the wall Mexican place. The food was so good and it was a beautiful day to sit outside and have lunch. Half way through lunch Josh decides to tell me we are going to the Geisha House (somewhere I've always wanted to go) for Valentines Day Dinner! After lunch we did some more running around and then home to relax before it was time to get ready. As I'm starting to do my hair Josh says "Dang it, i wanted to get us Champagne for tonight, let's go to the store and get some" little did he know i made him a Little Valentines Day Basket, so it was perfect timing for me to give him his gift with champagne and V-day Glasses (that i get us every year) in the basket. He told me to get some Tupperware out of the pantry (totally confused on what it was for and why he was asking me to get him Tupperware) i open the pantry and there are boxes of candy and a card from him sitting on top of all the Tupperware : ) Sneaky Boy! His meaningful cards have to be my favorite part of any holiday, he always picks the most meaningful cards and writes the sweetest words. We continue to get ready and then sit down for a glass of champagne. Josh gets a phone call (mind you he has been getting these odd calls all day and every time he would get a call he walk outside so i couldn't hear). I knew something was up, i just had no idea what it could possibly be and Josh usually cannot keep a secret haha. He gets off the phone and tells me it was the wrong number.... then proceeds to say "SIKE, LOOK OUTSIDE".......I look outside only to fund the biggest Hummer Limo i have ever seen!!!! He says "we are going to Hollywood in the biggest baddest limo tonight baby, grab the champagne and our glasses and lets go" What the heck, how the heck, when the heck did you plan all this without me knowing and your CRAZY is all i could think! We took a few pictures, jumped in and headed out for the night. Just my wonderful husband and I in a huge 30 person limo : ) What a wonderful night and wonderful surprise that i would have NEVER guessed! We had so much fun goofing off and blasting the radio, drinking champagne and just enjoying US !!! The Geisha House had great food and was packed. We had a great view from where we sat, everything Josh planned was just prefect.

Valentines Day has to be my favorite little Holiday. I hate when people say "we don't celebrate Valentines Day" it should be a day where you GO ALL OUT for the one you love. You only live once and why not take one day a year to make that one day SUPER special. Everyday feels like Valentines Day with Josh, he is so romantic and so thoughtful ALWAYS but i ALWAYS look forward to V-Day and all the thought, effort and time he puts into making it MORE special then just an average day.

Life cannot possibly get better then it is now. I am so head over heels with husband. I love this life we live of being crazy, spontaneous, passionate, loving, goofy and the way we connect in EVERYWAY is just such an amazing feeling i have never felt with anyone but Josh. It's weekends like this past weekend that make me realize how great our life is and how there is no place in the world i rather be other then with my husband, nothing makes me happier then being with my best friend and experiencing what life is all about with him! This past weekend reminded me that we only live once and that Josh and I are going to Live this life of our to the FULLEST doing everything we have ever dreamed of.

Josh, i love you and thank you for such a great weekend. Our time together is more valuable then anything. You are my world and life would be oh so boring without you in it. You make me smile, you make every day fun and so full of love..i dont have bad days because of you. I have a husband in which i have not one single complaint about (other then i wish i had more time in a day with you : ) ) and I feel so so LUCKY to have in my life. Too often people dont express their love for one another and that will never be an issue here my love xoxox

Josh waiting on a woman : )

Ready to go <3>

Champizzy with my love

Whattttttttttttttttt Hummer limo!?!?!


Bahahahah he is too much fun!

MmMmmmmm love him!

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