Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dinner with Dad...

I had a great night out with my dad Wednesday night after work. Josh was working late so i met my Dad for drinks at the Elephant Bar. We had a great conversation about life and where we are both at in life right now. I was happy to hear that Oregon was no longer an option for my Dad and that he's keeping his house in the Country Club ( I love that house and i would hate to see him get rid of it). I gave my Dad some advice on a few other things he had on his mind and all in all im happy for him and where he is at in life right now. He's happy, he's having fun and he's healthy...and that's all that matters : )

Before dinner with my Dad, Josh and i were texting back and forth. He sent me a text saying "i think we should wait another 5 years to have kids, i have too much fun spoiling you and being able to do whatever we want" it said something like that...The funny thing is, i was thinking the same exact thing that morning after i posted a blog about our Valentines Day. Valentines Day was a huge reminder that we can just get up and do ANYTHING we want and spend as much money as we want because we don't have another human being to take care of. Our animals are our babies and we love taking them hiking on the weekends, we love spoiling them and making them feel like they are apart of everything we do! Valentines Day weekend made us both realize how much we enjoy each other and how we have so much more we want to experience together still!!

Over a few drinks with my dad, i told him how Josh and I are not anywhere near ready for kids. I was afraid i would see disappointment in him because i know he would love to have a grandchild sooner then later but instead it was the complete opposite! He said "Society makes everyone think life is all about rushing to get married and then rushing to have kids, people forget how to enjoy life and enjoy each other first" he went on to tell me the story of him and my mom...He gave me some great advice as well. I love my Dad and I love venting to him and hearing what he thinks..My Dad is a smart successful man and i strive to have all he has one day! I look up to him so much and will always listen closely and take any advice i can get from him. Now i know why i fell in love with Josh so fast, I'm a daddy's girl and I found all the great quality's my dad has in Josh. I have two of the greatest men in my life ohhh make that three, i cannot forget my little brother who will ALWAYS be there for me and always be my protector!

So it's official, Josh and I will not be thinking anything about having kids until after we are 30! After 30 we will leave it in God's hands and if we are meant to have children so be it and if not then that's ok too! I love this life we share and i want to experience everything we can together! I want to spoil these animals, give my husband my all, continue to focus on working out and working hard at work. I love my Job, i love coming home and relaxing, i love my glass of champagne every night, i love going out to nice dinners and traveling, i love hiking and spending money on whatever we want, i cant wait to get Josh a new sports car ohhhh i can go on and on...We are at a point in our lives where we have worked extremely hard for everything we have and now we get to enjoy everything we have worked so hard for! I'm so glad Josh and I are on the same page! Our life together really is soooooo much fun and i cannot wait to keep experiencing more and more with the one i love!!!

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