Saturday, January 30, 2010

Making memories...

These last 2 weeks have been so busy. Josh and I have both been working late and when i say late i mean we don't get home to each other till near 7pm. I cant complain though, i choose to work a later day, Josh, on the other hand has no choice as this year is gonna be a busy year for his company and his hours may be a little nutty.

2010 has started out so wonderfully for us. Every year we spend together and grow as a couple i think to myself "what a great year it's been, i don't think next year can top this year" and somehow it ALWAYS does...

Our first year together was so much fun! We did all sorts of crazy stuff. We went skydiving after about a month of being together, we made random trips near every weekend, we partied together, made new friends, called in sick to work countless amount of days to run off to San Diego for a day or two just to get away together, we made random Vegas trips on the weekend, ran off to the snow at midnight when we had to work the next morning at 8am, we flew to Washington so i could meet Josh's family after months of being together, etc....And then after a whole year of fun Josh took me to Alaska for our 1 year where we took a cruise for 7 days, rode in a helicopter, hiked glaciers, and where Josh asked me to marry him. Aug 2006/Sep 2007 was a great year and i did not think any year could top that year.

Our second year together was full of planning. It was time to buckle down and start saving money after spending a whole year blowing money on having fun, we now had to learn how to save for what was to come. We planned our whole wedding on our own. Everything about our day was everything Josh and I put together, all our ideas that all came together exactly how we wanted them too. On top of saving for half our wedding we paid for we also saved to buy a house. We became so unbelievably close during this time because we were accomplishing big things together, we were learning how to manage money and our lives as a team. We bought a house March of 2008, got married August of 2008 and went to Australia in August of 2008. Sept 2007/August 2008 was a WONDERFUL year of so many accomplishments and marrying the man of my dreams....This was an even better year then the last!

Our third year together was so much fun! Everything had settled down. We had our house, we got a new puppy to add to our family and we got our little Aussie! I cooked my first Thanksgiving dinner for both our families and some of our friends. We spent our first Christmas in our new home and decorated everything together! We molded our house into exactly what we wanted it to be (cause lord only knows how horrible it was before all the work Josh put into making it so beautiful) We went to a lot of concerts, had endless romantic nights a home, took the dogs hiking nearly EVERY weekend, went camping, went to Vegas and celebrated our first year of being married with massages and nice dinners in San Diego! Sept 2008/Aug 2009 was full of so many memories we will cherish forever as it was year full of responsibility and learning what married life was all about..... Three great years, can it really get better because anything more then what we already have and have already experienced are just a major bonus...

Now here we are going on our 4th year. So far we have slowed down a little with going out. Aside from our normal George's and Joe's Sushi dinners we spend a lot of time at home with the animals. I am running my first marathon March 21, 2010 and have been training for it since November (the day after thanksgiving) I have to say training is like a second job and we try not to have too many late nights when i have to get up and run a 10 or 18 miler. If you have read my past blogs then you obviously know my dad is planning on moving to Oregon soon. The plan has always been to eventually follow him, rent out our Lakewood house and buy another in Oregon ,where we also thought would be a good place to start raising babies or A baby. I've always told Josh when we decide to have children i do not want to work anymore. I don't want to pay someone else to raise our baby and i want to be the most dedicated wife and mother i can possibly be without feeling like i work too much. Aside from that i wanted Josh and i to be financially stable to where we could have a baby and spoil he/she rotten, still go out to dinner often, still travel and not feel like all of a sudden we cant do anything......So the plan was we would start trying for babies when we were near 30. Little did we know what 2010 had in store for us. Because of Toyota's recall Josh is gonna be super crazy busy and work, he will be making more money this year then he has ever made. I got a huge promotion at work and along with that came a huge raise. And so plans have changed. Recently we found out my dad put an offer on a house in Oregon and although Ive always told him we would follow, my mind has changed a bit. We are making great money here, i love my job, we already own a house and put so much money into it, credit cards will be completely paid off this year etc.....This year and next year we want to travel as much as we can! Travel and fix up some more things in this house of ours, get Josh a new sports car eventually....2010 is our year to have fun all over again!! Financially we are very stable making us very able to have kids earlier then planned the only difference is i don't want to be a stay at home mom now because I LOVE my job. So Josh and i were talking about having kids after we have traveled a little more....We want to go to Costa Rica, Cancun, Jamaica and back to Alaska only thoughts now are what if my dad moves away, i wont have him here to experience such a great time in my life.....I would want him here more then anything and I'm hoping him saying he wants to move to Oregon is just a phase....I guess we will see....All in all 2010 started out great, this is gonna be such a fun year and we feel blessed beyond measures for each year that just keeps getting better! Cheers to making more and more memories together, My Love.


  1. what great memories for you two! congrats on your promotion!!!! you two will figure it all out.... oregon or cali, it'll all work out!! =)