Thursday, February 25, 2010

Driving home yesterday......

Yesterday I'm driving home from work (on the 710 freeway) It was drizzling outside and all of a sudden the freeway came to a stop. I pressed the breaks as quickly as possible but something about the breaks felt off. Or maybe I'm just a paranoid freak about driving (which surely could be the case) and thought the breaks felt like they did not stop fast enough. Anyhow i immediately called Josh to tell him something did not feel right about the breaks and he said not to worry drive safe and he would look at them when he got home. After i hung up the phone i couldn't help but think about my Dad......
I use to call my Dad about everything when i lived at home with him. If it was a rainy morning my Dad would always make sure to come in my room and tell me "drive the surface streets to work, the freeways are dangerous when it rains" and i would listen to him every time and drive surface streets every time. I would call him whenever i had car troubles, whenever my feelings got hurt, whenever i got a raise, bonus or promotion at work.... i would call him for EVERYTHING! No matter who i was dating or who i was with at the time i trusted NO ONE'S advice or words i only trusted my Dad. When Josh and I first got together and were living with my Dad, i found myself still calling or going to my Dad when i needed advice or help with something. I had never really opened up to a guy before in a way where i trusted him to be able to take care of me. When Josh asked my Dad's permission to Marry me, i knew i was in good hands. I was already head over heels in love and with my Dad's approval i knew this was the man who was gonna take care of me for the rest of my life!! My Dad does not just approve ANYONE (we are a lot a like in that way) and i knew everything i was feeling for Josh was so absolutely right and my dad knew i had finally found the ONE....
To sum up my story, yesterday when driving home i thought about how i call Josh for everything now! I no longer call my dad, i call Josh! It's all apart of growing up, i know. But, I wonder if my Dad misses my calls, or if he is happy i finally found someone who can take care of me just as he always did, i wonder what it feels like to be a dad and watch your oldest daughter get married and live a happy life with someone who is her world when once upon a time YOU were her world....I love my Dad so much and no matter how much i grow up and how much i am on my own now i will always make sure to make time for him and to show him how important he is and has always been to me....And when Josh doesn't answer my calls fast enough, I'll always call my Dad with my stupid little questions : )


  1. Haha! That's too SWEET! I was the same way and when Logan deploys somewhere and I have no contact with, guess who I call??? Yep, my good ol' dad!

  2. Your Dad definitely misses the calls, but let his daughter spread her wings when he gave you away on your wedding day... too sweet!

  3. Reading this post is exactly how I feel. We're one in the same in the Daddy's girl aspect. I know they miss our calls, they miss giving advice and feeling like their needed but at the same time so proud that we found the right man so they don't have to worry if we're happy or making the right decisions. You're right, it's just a part of growing up.
    Take Care-Jenni