Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wish me Luck!!!

I wish i had time to blog more. Unfortunately i don't have the time anymore and once i do have a moment to sit down i simply log on the computer just to check updates on my e-mail, la marathon, facebook etc..Josh and I have been going out to dinner almost every night (sushi & George's) and it's nice to spend all our extra time enjoying each other over dinner and out of the house (even if we go broke from our expensive eating habits hahaha jk)This year has started out great for us and we deserve to spoil ourselves however we want.

Today i have time to blog because today i get to do something new for a change..... RELAX and not move from the couch : )...if you know me then you know relaxing just is not in the cards for me. I hate relaxing, i find every excuse not to's true. Yes, i know I'm strange..but i have WAY too much energy to just sit around and i cannot sit there and watch movies or TV because i get bored,there is no show or movie worth sitting on the couch for (well OK maybe, if it's Kendra's show which is only a 30 min show and I'm only interested in her because of how athletic and in shape she was before the baby) Anyway, today I'm going to relax and eat all day. Eat healthy of course and hydrate the crap out of myself but staying off my feet is a must....Reason being....I am finally running the LA MARATHON tomorrow @ 7:25am : ) I have been training since November, the day after Thanksgiving (when i ate too much and decided i needed to run 10 miles to work it all off). I cannot believe how far i have come. Never did i think training for a marathon would take so much time and so much dedication...6am 6 mile runs 4 days a week and EVERY Sunday a long run in which my biggest run was 20 miles. Many Saturday night's of staying in when we were invited out because i had to get up early he next morning for my run, having to eat right the night before so i could accomplish my big run with no problems and through it all i want to thank my wonderful husband for pushing me, sticking by my side, sacrificing late nights out, getting up early with me, eating right with me, going with me on my long runs and making them so entertaining/fun, always complimenting my hard work and dedication and for being the best damn support system EVER!!! I am blessed beyond messures to have such a wonderful selfless husband that i would do anything for!!! There are not many men out there like Josh...i dont ever have to ask anything of Josh, he just does it with a smile and never ever complains because thats just the person he is : ) I love you baby, so so much.

I also have to thank my boss (who is running the marathon as well) for pushing me to sign up and training me. If it weren't for him i would have trained all wrong..i thank him for checking in on me every week to make sure i accomplished the runs i was suppose to accomplish and for putting up with all my questions. My boss is an amazing runner who finishes in the top 800's every time he runs!

So the big day is 24 hours away. I'm gonna run like i have never ran before. I am determined to finish in the hundreds out of 25,000 people and i really want to push myself to qualify for Boston. I believe that after mile 18 running further becomes a mental my motivation to keep pushing is to occupy my mind with all the fun Josh and I have and how he is waiting for me at the finish line with a big sign he made for me that says my name and i love you, the sushi dinner we are going to have that night to celebrate with some great friends, how close summer is and how in shape training has gotten me and this big run is gonna tone me even more, all the people who have supported and have faith in me to kick some butt, my dad who is going to ride his motorcycle all the way down to Santa Monica to see me finish and our good friend Tom who is coming over at 4:30am tomorrow morning and heading out to dodger stadium with us and who will also be waiting at the finish line for me....

I am ready! Here is to a great run and a fabulous HUGE carb dinner tonight : )
For my supporters...track me on race day or watch the marathon on channel will get a text every time i hit 10k, 20k, 30k, 40k and when i cross the finish line.

Thank you everyone for all your support!!!!!


  1. You did it!!!! I'm so proud of you Stephani!

  2. baby you kicked some serious butt. i am so proud of u. not that im suprised, because you are the most dedicated person i know but to see you cross that finish line and that huge smile on your face makes me so happy to be your husband. i only wish i got a pic of your face and the emotion you emitted with that beautiful smile of yours as you crossed, so i can show everyone what i live for everyday... oh well.=( but you know what. it will forever be my own personal memory of a proud day for you..... i love you to death