Monday, January 11, 2010

Drama always try's to find a way....

Last night Josh and I were having a conversation about someone we no longer associate ourselves with. There is a good reason behind why we do not talk to this person anymore and it's simply because this person is just toxic for our relationship. All the things you do not want to be around when your married because they just cause too many problems. We just stopped talking to this person, never said anything bad about them (still have nothing to say bad about them) and never gave a reason as to why we no longer call or hang out, we just went about our business and left things alone. It's been close to a year since we have spaced ourselves. Last night we get a phone call about some drama that this person's family has created with our family. Really? Who has time for that? Who has that much freakin time to cause problems? Josh and I do not have drama please do not bring it our way! Josh was pretty mad and his first reaction is always to confront and my first reaction has always been to get even. However, getting even with people is not who i am anymore. I am way to happy and way to positive of a person now. Josh made me a better person and i am proud of the bad habits i have pushed aside because i want to be a better person for him and everyone in our lives.
After talking amongst one another last night (well venting to one another i guess you can say) we laughed at the whole situation and realized how stupid this person and her whole family look for stirring up such unneeded drama. It just amazes me how some people will never grow up and how ignorant one can make themselves look. Although i will not be seeking revenge or confronting this person because it's simply pointless, i will no longer recommend this person's work or talk highly of them anymore....
Driving to work this morning and thinking about how heated i got last night over such crap i turned on 107.9 and listened to God's word : ) God's word always makes for a great start of the day and an even better way of thinking...Though i hardly ever get heated i know that turning to him is the best way to calm everything and remind me that some people really need prayers!


  1. Amen! I love that He can change us into better people. Change is possible, change is good.

  2. ah. i THINK i might have an idea of who this person might be now. is THIS what you meant by an immature mutual friend we had or something like that?

  3. I think you know who im talking about...This person is also linked with another immature human being that you know as well.....They play the high school game of talking crap at a party as if im not gonna find out...hmmm i just dont have time for people who are not happy and i sure as heck do not need to be around negative energy....Talking crap is one thing but when a ghetto approach is made that invloves my family it's a whole diff story...It's ok though : ) everything happens for a reason and im the bigger person, karma will come around eventully. Hope your doing well Ashley!