Friday, December 4, 2009

Don't Mess Up Your Life With Do-It-Yourself Projects When God has A Plan For You

Believing that God will do what he says is quite different from waiting for him to do it. Waiting is hard, but believing while waiting is harder still....That's why people take things into their own hands.

Having patience it so unbelievably important. Important as a parent, wife, co-worker etc....Having Patience that God has big plans for us is something we all need to learn to do. I am so unbelievably into my bible right now. I love reading, learning and researching when i have trouble understanding what I've read. Sometimes I'll just sit there and keep reading my bible until i feel like I've almost confused myself...but at the end of the day ill tell Josh what i read and realize i do understand what i read i just need to verbally let it out or maybe write it out to put it all in perspective. I listen to K-Wave on my way home from work and what's so awesome about that is a lot of the time, what i just read in the bible is what they are going over and then i understand it even more!

As we watch this world slowly fall apart, slowly turn into exactly what God did not intend for it to turn out to be we know that a new beginning is soon to come. God wants us to be one again, to learn how to have compassion for one another and help one another in need. If this world keeps getting worse then as a nation we will completely fall apart and there will be nothing left. I pray for a new beginning. I pray we learn how to love others (love is not a feeling, it is an action) that we learn to have compassion, become more giving, more heartfelt, more GOD like! This world has so much hate now, so many people living for the wrong reasons, so many people trying to screw everyone else over to get to the top, this world is full of evil and there are very few good people left......

I look at my life, my husband, my job, my animals, family and everything else my life contains and i am ever so thankful for every single thing i have been blessed with. My life is not about the money Josh and I make and the things we can buy, or how many people we can get to like us or want to be "friends" with us, nor is about how we can make ourselves look so much better then everyone else...Our life is full of Love-we give and do everything we can for one another, we are selfless for each other and for the people in our lives and for our animals! Our jobs consist of helping other people and making other people's lives easier (at least that's how i look at my job) not how can i make that money and who cares if i screw people over (like some people we know) Im thankful how healthy we both are and how healthy our families are but i pray and worry for those i know are struggling right now with their health and sometimes it brings me down. I am thankful God has provided us with jobs that allow us to live the way we do and sometimes i feel bad at how fortunate we are when half the population is struggling right now. When friends e-mail me or come to me saying "i really need a job, please let me know if anyone you know is hiring" i do all i can to help, i research and job hunt as much as i can for them. I have helped quiet a few people find a job and i've also been screwed over doing so a few times, but that's ok and i forgive. I strive to be a better person everyday and i know as long as im following the Lord he will do his best to mold me into the person he wants me to be. I only pray that more of this worlds population learn to do the same thing, before it's too late....


  1. I cannot thank you enough for posting this... I am going through a phase right now where patience is much needed. For the most part, I am patient; however, I do tend to take things into my own hands.... I'm surely being tested right now. Thank you for opening my eyes to wait patiently for God's plan.

  2. Awwww If you need anything an ear a dinner buddy, lunch buddy anything let me know : ) Hang in there girl. You have a wonderful heart and God has big plans for you xoxo

  3. Aww you're such a sweet heart! Thank you =)