Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's My Body not Yours!

A friend at work asked me to have lunch with her in the kitchen at work today. For those of you who know me, then you know it's rare i ever go to lunch anywhere other then my desk. Mainly because i like to work while i eat, i enjoy my work and i like to be on top of everything I'm doing. Secondly lunch time at my work is more like a social event of gossip. Everyone talks crap on everyone. I don't care who is doing what or who so and so doesn't like. I rather not be apart of that bad mouthing people and honestly i really don't care to hear it either. Lastly I'm constantly being made fun of at work for the health nut i am. I eat healthy and I'm very dedicated to working out on a daily basis. I eat lite throughout the day and save my biggest meal for dinner with my husband! I love cooking and i love good conversation while having dinner with him so i save my appetite and go all out at the end of each night. Most of the time i can out eat Josh and snack ALL night long after having a huge dinner. If you saw how i ate at night you would probably think I'm crazy! Anyway, my BMI is 18.9 which is perfect for a woman of my age, height and weight. My weight is perfect for my height and my body fat is considered that of an athlete. There is not one part of me that is underweight or under what i should be. So please tell me why EVERYONE at work must constantly harass me on how thin i am, how i hardly eat anything when they have no idea what i eat! Just because I'm not oinking down a bunch of bad food does not mean i don't eat! So i sat in the kitchen today and ate with my friend and sure enough i get 4 different people saying i eat like a rabbit, i need to gain weight, i don't eat real food etc....OMG get over it!!!! Stop telling me that every freakin time you see me and that is exactly one of the reasons i chose not to eat in the kitchen. I rather eat at my desk in peace and be left alone from negative rude comments! It's just so annoying to hear the same comments every single day and eventually it gets to you! I am healthy and i am happy so why do these people care what i look like?? What cracks me up is all these people who say these annoying comments are the same people who complain they want to lose weight and ask me for advice on how to go about it....Thank god i have my husband to listen to me vent and remind me how bitchy girls can be.

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