Thursday, April 25, 2013

13 Weeks Today!

Today we are 13 weeks pregnant and baby is the size of a peach! We are almost out of the 1st trimester, YAY! I can't complain about the 1st trimester too much because I've felt pretty good. It wasn't until these last few weeks that I started feeling a bit of morning sickness all day long. No throwing up, just nauseous throughout the day. Aside from that I have had a lot of back pain. It started with my sciatica which was also affecting my right leg and now it’s my tailbone that hurts the most. The back pain interferes with my sleeping quite a bit. It’s so hard to get comfortable at night when my back hurts no matter how I’m laying.

I’m still not showing much yet. I just look bloated and it makes me feel uncomfortable in my clothes. I really need to go shopping and get some bigger shirts, dresses, leggings and a belly band! When I wake up in the morning my stomach looks flat and then as the day goes on and I eat more I start looking bloated. By the end of the night I feel like I ate way too much and it looks like I have somewhat of a belly. I give it a few more weeks before that belly becomes permanent. As for now I feel the weight gain most in my butt and hips. I tend to carry any weight I gain on my hips aka love handles, not cute!

We are finding out the gender in a few short weeks and get to share the moment with our whole family! It’s crazy how early they can find out what you’re having now! We are so so excited. I literally do not want to look at any baby stuff until I know what we are having, so once we find out I can start shopping : ) We already have names picked out for both a boy and girl but don’t want to say any names until we know the sex!

Aside from all this exciting baby stuff we are also getting ready to sell our house and buy a bigger one for this growing family. We are having an open house next weekend so we have to be away from our house both Saturday and Sunday so that they can show it, which is exciting, but stressful at the same time! Hopefully everything falls into place and we find our dream home soon!

Now a few questions for all the moms/moms to be out there: Do any of you have a pregnancy blog I can follow or have any recommendations of a few blogs I should follow? Did/do any of you have back pain this early on is there anything that helps? Any clothing recommendations as I continue to grow without having to buy ugly maternity clothes? Is the belly band a must have? Would love feedback from you all

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  1. I had horrible back pain when I was pregnant. It started at the very beginning for me even before I found out I was prego. I did everything I could, even going to a chiropractor who specialized in pregnancy but I stopped going because I had horrible anxiety over the experience lol! It was pretty horrible for me but it did stop immediately after I had the baby! As for clothes, I continued to wear my normal clothes except for pregnancy pants, I did eventually have to cave and buy a few pairs. Nowadays, most tops, like forever 21 and h&m have cute loose tops that will fit all the way until the end :) good luck to you! -Heather T.

  2. Stephani! YOU NEED A SNOOGLE! TRUST ME!!! :)

  3. well all the back pain and all the love handles you get will be well worth it. and you will look awesome and will look awesome with a little belly

  4. the belly band is a must if you want to aviod the "ugly maternity clothes" as you put it, lol. Actually, you will discover there are tons of cute maternity clothes out there now, so no need to look frumpy, make sure you check out consignment and thrift stores though, that way you dont break the bank buying a new wardrobe. :)
    I had horrible back pain all through my pregnancy as well, its mostly sciatica related (which is why your led, sciatic, and tailbone we effected). My best advice? work on stretching the most, there are specific stretches you can find geared towards pregnant women with sciatic issues, so be sure to look them up. Also, get comfortable shoes with little to no heal, that will help. The other thing to do would be to back off on any ab work outs you are doing. If your muscles are too tight and you have mroe tone than you have the ability to stretch, you can actually cause your pelvis to separate (happened to a friend of mine) and it is super painful. So, to sum it all up, keep up with regular exercise, but make stretching your priority until the little munchkin shows up, your body with thank you for it (cardio is good too, but make sure you look up the bp limits for your weight through pregnancy, as you arent supposed to get it over a certain number when your pregnant). I hope this helps! ~Jamie

    (btw, my sciatic troubles went away after having my son and losing the extra weight, so even if it persists through pregnancy, there will be relief after your done)

  5. I would buy a pregnancy pillow! I am going to get one soon I already am having difficulty sleeping. I have had a really sore lower back and lots of cramping in my lower abdomen. (Kinda like period cramps). And as for clothes, I don't want to spend a fortune on maternity clothes so I purchased. Few pairs of cute tights and I wear long old navy tank tops and cardigans over top. I also still can wear a few pairs of my jeans so I just loop a hair elastic through the button hole and around the actually button to keep them together! Once the weather gets warmer I plan on just wearing lots of cute dresses to get me through! I am starting prenatal yoga next week so I hope that helps with all the achyness! I am 18 weeks tomorrow and I will be finding out what I am having in a couple weeks! Can't wait!

  6. Body pillow is a must!!!! Also, if you have back pain now you aren't going to like the fact that it only gets worse from here on out. :( I have a bad back but having kids KILLED my back right in the tailbone/lower back area. I hated Maternity clothes where I am pretty petite (5'3 and 140 when I gave birth 108 prior) therefore I am ALL about Maxi dresses, Maxi skirts, stretch pants and tunics for prego attire. GOOD LUCK!!!


    Best pregnancy blog! And hilarious!

    Old navy maternity wear! And they have "preggers" maternity bands on Amazon that are cheaper than belly bands.

    And definitely get a maternity pillow.. they help a lot. Im 15 weeks along right now, and have had a lot of back pain. Go swimming as much as you can.. youll feel like a normal human again when you are weightless! Its amazing!

    I tried chiropractic and massage therapy and really didnt get anywhere with it for my pain, but swimming was awesome! Congrats!

  8. You could follow mine! I'm a little bit out there and bare it all, but would love to have your input!:) This is #4 for me, yeah I know crazy. my personal blog is If you want to leave me a comment with your email my pregnancy blog is private (so that I don't offend my mother:)