Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fitness Blog

I have not blogged in FOREVER! Work is so busy and so is working out and making dinners and lunches. Last year I added so much to my workout routine. I have learned a ton more and have incorporated so many new things into my daily routine. I have finally hit my ideal boy fat percentage at 14% as of today (my body fat ranges from 17% - 15% normally). I managed this while still having my champagne every night too : ) This does not mean I'm going to slow down now, this just means I am doing something right and I'm going to keep pushing myself even further! With that being said, I have gotten so many messages from people asking me what my workout routine is and how I eat etc..I've written out workout plans for people and diet plans for people too. I'm thinking about starting a fitness blog logging my workouts, eating, etc....for those who are interested. That way I don't have to write the same email a million times to different people. I have to think more about how I want to put this together, but this is definitely something I'm going to try and make time for. Okay back to work now : )

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