Saturday, February 19, 2011

RIP - Brielle Murray

Please pray for the Murray family. Yesterday they lost their 13-year-old daughter Brielle to cancer. She had been battling RMS cancer for 3 years but through it all she was faithful to the Lord, seeking him when she was hurting or scared for comfort and never stopped thanking him for all of his blessings. Such an inspiration this little girl was. Although Josh and I do not know Brielle or her family personally, a couple of our friends do, and brought her story to us. My heart goes out to her family, I cannot imagine the pain they are feeling to have lost their precious daughter who brought so much joy to their lives. She is home now with the one she belonged to all along. If you want to read about Brielle's battle, please click the link below:


  1. Brielle was my best friend.... i am so glad she touched so many peoples lives...

  2. Just read this... I am at a loss for words.