Thursday, August 22, 2013

30 Weeks Pregnant (7 1/2 Months).

Ahhh week 30 baby girl is now the size of a large cabbage (she sure feels like it too).  At this point I feel like my belly grows daily.  It’s scary to think I still have another 10 weeks of growing to do because I feel like I can’t grow any more.  People think I look tiny but I sure don’t feel that way.  It’s getting harder to do the simplest things like put on my shoes, shave my legs and get off the couch lol.  

Last weekend we got the family together to go see this little girl in 4D.  I wanted to make sure she was active so we got a good look at her so I ate a sugary cake pop on the way to the sonogram place.  We were 10 minutes late for our appointment because someone decided to steal the catalytic converters off of our Toyota Sequoia which put a HUGE damper in our day and also required us to figure out another driving situation as we had 13 people with us and we didn’t want to have to take multiple cars.  It’s really sad that some people don’t know how to work for their money and steal from others who work hard.  That’s a $4,000.00 problem we now have to fix before the baby gets here because that was the car I was planning on driving once she arrives.  I’m pretty sure my little 2 door sports car is not gonna work with a baby haha.  Anyhow, because we were late for our appointment they had to push us to an 11:30 appointment (our original appointment was at 11:00) and by the time we got in the room to start the ultrasound this little peanut was sleeping the WHOLE time!  So much for that cake pop I had earlier, she must have had a sugar high for about 30 minutes and then knocked the heck out.  I was so upset because this was the ONLY time we could get all of us together to see her and we had no such luck.  She was so active prior to going in the room too!  Aside from her sleeping she also had the umbilical cord in front of her face.  At one point we saw her licking the cord and that was about it as far as any action shots.  The ultrasound tech had me eating candy, drinking water, walking around the room, jumping, etc….nothing would wake this little girl up.  In fact after about 10 minutes of trying to get her moving she turned her back to us so all we had was a clear view of her spine LOL what a brat.  Prior to her turning her back to us the ultrasound tech was able to measure her and get a little glimpse of her profile.  So far we have almost a 3 lb baby girl with a lot of hair already, long eyelashes and at least one dimple! We also learned that she's already positioned head down and butt up towards my ribs and they are guesstimating that she will likely weigh about 7.5 lbs. Luckily this place allows you to redo the 4D if you don’t get a good look at your little one so we go back tomorrow to try again.  I’m bummed that our family won’t be there to see her but we are getting a 20 minute video of her that we can share with them later : ) The cool part about the video is we got to make a 20 minute playlist to go with the video and we picked out some really awesome songs! We are so excited for tomorrow!  Since this little one is most active in the morning after breakfast, I plan on eating breakfast right when we arrive rather than a few hours before like I did last time.  Hopefully my next blogging session will include some awesome pictures of her : )

Tomorrow my husband and I are celebrating 5 years of marriage!  We’ve been together for 7 years and married 5.  I feel so blessed to have married someone who fulfills me in every way possible.  God sure knew what he was doing when he placed us together. I’m so thankful for everything we share, for this indescribable bond we’ve built together and for the never ending love I have for this man.  I married someone I cannot imagine my life without and now I get to experience a whole new chapter of life with him in just a matter of 10 weeks.  I cannot wait to learn even more together, to parent together and to show this little one how much love we have to offer.  We are off to San Diego this weekend to celebrate our last anniversary as the TWO of us : )  Boy do we need this little getaway!

So far the third trimester hasn't been too bad.  I had one week of being super tired and nauseous but once I got past that week I was back to feeling normal again.  I'm starting to feel the pressure of the baby now when standing too long.  She's head down already so that's probably why everything starts throbbing when standing for long periods of time. The pressure I feel now from this little 3 pounder feels so heavy, I cannot imagine what it's going to feel like when she doubles in weight.  I still have yet to deal with most complaints during the third trimester, acid reflex, constipation, hemorrhoids, leg cramping, insomnia, having to pee multiple times during the night or having lost control of my bladder.  I'm sure some of it's bound to happen though so for now I'm thankful for how great I've been feeling thus far.  I’m up 15 lbs as of my last doctor’s appointment this past Monday, I’m curious how much more I’ll gain with 10 weeks left.  Although they say it’s about a pound a week from here on out so I’m thinking I’ll gain the average 25lbs.

We have our maternity photo session next weekend!  I have two dresses I need to choose between wearing.  One is more vintage looking and one is more modern looking.  If I go with the vintage looking one then I need to find shoes that will go with it and I’m at a complete loss as to what shoes will look best.  Once I pick which dress I’m going to wear we need to find an outfit for my husband.

How far along: 30 weeks (7 1/2 months with only 10 more weeks to go ahhhh)

Weight Gain: 15 lbs as of my last doctor's appointment this past Monday.

Stretch Marks: None

Belly Button: I think it's safe to safe it's flat now.  I give it a few more weeks and it will be completely flattened to my belly.  My poor belly button : ((

Wedding Rings On/Off: - Still on so that's a good sign because that means I haven't started swelling up yet.

Movement: Big movements still in the same spots all the time meaning she must like the position she's in because she's been in that same position for weeks now.  Her head is near my bladder so I feel her head once in a while and her knees/feet are always pushed up against my right side under my ribs. She does this weird jolting thing sometimes and it looks and feels so funny. She also gets the hiccups a lot now and they usually last about 5 minutes, drives me nuts lol

Feeling: Really good this week,  Last week I was tired, nauseous and feeling uncomfortable and this week I've pretty much felt the opposite.  Each week is different.  

Cravings: Still no real cravings...I pretty much eat the same as I was before just more carbs now because I feel my body needs them.

Symptoms: I can't stand for long periods of time or the pressure of the baby starts hurting my back, butt and lower stomach but other than that I feel good.
Missing: Sushi.  I thought I would be missing champagne by now but to be honest I'm really not.  I miss being able to get around easily though and how easy it use to be to shave my legs and put on my shoes.

Looking forward to: Our vacation in San Diego this weekend and our 4D ultrasound.  Praying she's awake this time so we can finally see her!

Sleep: This week I slept great.  It always takes me a while to get comfortable when I first lay down but once I knock out I knock out good.  So far I still only have to use the bathroom once in the middle of the night.

Here Is an updated belly picture and the picture I promised to share with you guys that we used for our baby shower invites.

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