Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hello Month 6!

Yesterday I hit the 6 month mark (24 weeks), yay!  Someone told me that everything goes by so fast after the 20 week mark and boy were they right.  Baby girl is now the size of a cantaloupe. She’s almost a foot long now and about 1.25 lbs, holy heck, maybe that’s why my stomach has suddenly grown.  Within the last two days her movements have become so strong.  I feel either a head/butt pressed up against my stomach. It's such a weird feeling! It’s getting harder to stand for long periods of time.  My back has been killing me and standing for longer than 20 minutes really takes a toll on me. I never thought I would dread grocery shopping or shopping in general.  I’ve been able to continue to workout at least 4/5 days a week (I think last week I actually got 6 days in).  My workouts haven’t changed a whole lot.  I’m still lifting 4 days a week (shoulders/bis, chest/tris, back and legs) and doing cardio at least 4 days a week, however, I find myself walking at a 10 incline more than I do jogging.  I jog the days I can but when my back has been sore all day, I skip jogging and just walk on incline.  It seems to burn the same amount of calories anyway.  I think keeping active during this pregnancy helps with my energy levels and also helps keep my metabolism up.  I’ve been very fortunate this far and haven’t had to deal with constipation/hemorrhoids yet, which is something I’ve been warned about during both the second and third trimester.  I’m three weeks away from the dreaded third trimester, I hope it’s good to me!

Last week my husband and I made a big decision and that was to take our house off the market and stay put!  It was becoming extremely difficult for us to show the house during the week with our work schedules and with my due date only being 3 ½ months away, we kinds need to start preparing for this little ones arrival.  We decided it was best to work with what we have for now and then add on next year (which was our ideal plan from the start).  This past weekend we rearranged our own room and bought some new furniture and paint for it (our room is getting a total makeover).  We also cleared out our spare room so we can start the nursery.  We bought the paint for the nursery and my husband is actually starting that project today. So far, everything is working out great and we finally feel at peace with our decision to stay.  I think our animals are happy too!  Once our room is complete and the nursery is complete I will share pictures with you guys.

Aside from the back pain I’ve been having I have also had a lot of side pain.  I had two days of intense right side pain.  It was the kind of pain I felt when I had that large cyst a while back.  I know cysts are common during pregnancy so it could very well be that.  I was ready to make a doctor appointment if the pain didn’t go away but it subsided the third day.  I still can’t get up to quick or roll over in bed too fast or it hurts but at least it doesn’t feel like a sharp shooting pain all day long. I have an appointment Monday so I plan on talking to the doctor then.  It doesn’t feel like ligament pain, it definitely feels more like pain from a cyst.

Last but not least, whoever says the love/loved being pregnant is crazy haha!  I am definitely not one of those women who LOVE being pregnant.  Although, my pregnancy has been pretty easy thus far I really do miss the little things I can’t do right now and I can’t wait until I can do them again.  I miss feeling comfortable in my own body for the most part and I miss my nice skin! Oh and for those who are thinking about becoming pregnant, try and avoid being pregnant during summer, it’s horrible!  The only bright side to being pregnant during summer is maternity leave is during winter and I get to stay home and cozy up on the couch with my little one when it’s cold out and not stress over holiday stuff because I have to work so much.  

Last night my husband and I are had dinner with some friends we met in Cost Rica two years ago.  We met this older couple (I think they are in their 60’s) back in 2011 when we were in Costa Rica.  We talked to them just about every day we were there and found out that we’ve traveled to a lot of the same places.  They live on their boat and end up somewhere different every few months (what a great life huh).  We exchanged e-mails and told them to keep in touch so we can continue to talk about our traveling experiences. Well, it just so happened they were about an hour away from us last night and wanted to meet up for dinner so they could see all our pictures from Africa.  Of course we jumped on this opportunity and headed out to see them last night.  They prepared a wonderful dinner and appetizers for us on their boat docked in Dana Point.  It was so awesome to catch up, exchange traveling stories and share pictures.  They have been married for 30 years and have such an amazing life together full of so much love.  They were so excited to hear we were pregnant and starting a new journey.

How far along: 24 weeks (6 months)

Weight Gain: I’m guessing somewhere around 10/12 lbs.  My doctor’s appointment was canceled last week so I go this upcoming Monday and will find out then.  The last time I went to the doctor (about 6 weeks ago) I was up a total of 7lbs.

Stretch Marks: Still clear of them.

Belly Button:  Still In.

Wedding Rings On/Off:  On, although my fingers swell when incline walking in the heat and it’s hard to get off.

Movement: Her movements are so big now compared to a month ago. I can tell the difference between one of her limbs poking me and her head/butt bumping me haha. Sometimes she sits so far back towards my back that when she moves all I feel is popping I my stomach.  Those are the days my back kills me.  These last two days she's moved up closer to my belly and her movements are so strong it still trips me out.  Speaking of movement, there’s a head/butt pressed up against my pelvic area right now, not comfortable lol.

Feeling: A lot more relaxed these days since we figured out our housing status.  I’m also starting to feel a lot more back pain.  I can’t stand for long periods of time without my back killing me.

Cravings: I really don’t crave anything….weird, I know.

Symptoms:  I’ve felt a little nauseous this week.  Usually only in the mornings and even water makes me gag.  I’ve also had a lot of side pain (right side) that was pretty consistent for two days.

Missing: Running, sleeping comfortable and being able to stand for longer than a few minutes without feeling like I need to sit down right away.

Looking forward to: Working on the nursery these next few weeks.

Sleep: I love that I can fall into a deep sleep now but I hate that I cannot sleep on my back.  I wake up multiple times to switch positions.  The last two mornings I overslept by 20 minutes...oopppps!

Here are updated 6 months pics for those who are not following me on instagram:


  1. You're SO cute! I love the updates and am glad you were able to catch up with your traveling friends! =)