Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekend Fun!

Last week was a bit chaotic with the people around us. Incident #1 Josh and I found out a dear friend of ours was in the beginning of a messy divorce and so we spent a few days last week trying to help her out. Incident #2 we had Josh's parents over for dinner one night and the conversation at the table was not a conversation I wanted to take part in so i left the table. I felt so rude but I refuse to partake in something I am very much against. Not sure how that went over with the In-Laws, I am hoping me leaving the table while they were visiting and having dinner did not cause unnecessary drama. Incident #3 my brother showed me a very selfish side of him over a phone call one day. I was so angry with him when I hung up the phone, if there is one thing that gets under my skin it's being selfish...especially when it's family. Josh and i never let anything weigh us down unless it's something extremely serious so we let everything go and just had a WONDERFUL FUN weekend together.

Saturday i had the whole day to take care of all my personal needs. We cleaned the house the night before so that left open a whole Saturday afternoon for me! I had a wonderful relaxing workout(yes working out is relaxing to me) ten mile run and a little weight lifting. Took a long bath and then off to get my eyebrows threaded. The rest of the afternoon i did laundry and played with the animals. Our friend who is going through divorce was having a party that night. Well, more like a get together of all her close friends to help get her mind off things. The party started at 5pm and Josh works till 6:00pm on Saturdays so my Dad came and picked me up on his Harley and we rode over together. My dad gets a new Harley every couple years and this Harley by far is his most prized possession. We took PCH all the way to her house (she lives in Palos Verdes) it was such a beautiful day! I had so much fun blasting my Tim McGraw CD while cruising with my Dad....I always love extra quality time with my Dad. The party was so much fun. She cooked amazing appetizers and made the best mojitos over. Josh came over around 7pm and brought all the dogs and Aussie with him...We had a great night just eating, relaxing and having our babies with us...Anyone who knows me knows a night including the animals is the best kinda night for me! We came home around 10pm and knocked out together ZZzZzz...

Sunday morning we woke up late. Well, late for us. Josh got up to use the restroom and we heard Aussie saying "HI" in her cage. We cover her cage at night and if she's covered too long she will say HI over and over again until we uncover it. Josh looks at his cell phone and says it's 8:30am...holy cow..we are normally up at 6 or 7. Josh made our coffee and we sat in bed watching animal planet and drinking coffee. After about an hour we got ready for the day and headed out to breakfast. We decided to try a new place on Main Street in Seal Beach...a little random diner that was pretty good! We walked around for a bit after and then headed home. Randomly I remembered i had super Nintendo up in the rafters of our garage so i climbed up and got it down when we got home...Josh and I tried hooking up to the TV for a good 15 min before we realized a part was missing : ( We REALLY wanted to play soooo we thought we would try to find the part at Game Stop. We have these skateboards (long boards) in the garage that my Dad got us last Christmas and we never use them so Josh and I decided to ride them to Game Stop. Sooooooooooo much fun!!! We had such a great time but holy cow was i sore once we arrived to our destination!!! We get there and they don't even sell parts for Super Nintendo because it's sooooooooo old : (...We also have an Xbox and PlayStation 3 so we bought a fun game "fairytale fights" for our PlayStation. We skated home and played the game for 2 hours! I don't think i have ever sat that long and played a video game but we were having so much fun teaming up and beating this game together...Josh was a naked prince and i was snow white : ) haha....after a few hours of playing we realized we had not ate since breakfast and that we were getting hungry. Josh said "Let's go to Dave & Buster's" Okkkkkk!!! We got ready and drove to the Irvine Spectrum. After parking the car i see a girl walking by with a bag of candy from the sweet factory.."Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Joshhhh i want Candy, let get candy pllllllllllease". Next thing you know we are in the candy store picking out ALL our favorite candy $29.00 and 3lbs of candy later!!! We were busting up at how much money we just spent on freakin candy LOL and then made our way over to Dave & Buster's where we had the best food ever!!! We ordered Martini's and shared two yummy appitizers together and then bought some game time : ) We played a ton of what i call "shoot em up games" and car racing games (i kicked Josh's butt on those : ) ) Then played a ton of games that you can actually win tickets on. Josh is so good at the games that you win tickets on, he freakin scores everytime! We had nearly 3,000 tickets and got all the animals toys with the tickets we won : D It was so much fun!!! Josh and I got ourselves a BOP IT with some of the remaining tickets.....remember those!?!? haha i love those things! We got home around 10pm that night and let the dogs pick out which toys they wanted..they were so happy!!! I think we ended up staying up pretty late that night, just talking, eating half our candy (Josh was shoving candy down my throat) haha and playing Bop It........The next day i got to work and thought to myself...i am so Lucky.....My husband is so much fun. No matter what it is we are doing we ALWAYS make it fun together and i love that. I could not imagine my life any other way, i am so thankful for where i am today. I am so thankful for having patience and waiting for the perfect man to come along to spend my life with because life just does not get better then this XOXOX


  1. what a fun weekend!!!! i seriously can't imagine how much money you guys spend!!!! it's nice that you guys are able to do that! once the kids come, the date nights (at least ours) just are so few and far between.... i guess that's what you ask for when you have children, but i DO miss the time with my husband. sometimes, when we go out to dinner, we'll play a few games of pool and i just enjoy that time so much. when we go out all 4 of us, it gets so expensive.... enjoy this time now, if you ever plan on having children.... it's an entirely different kind of fun once the kids come. it's still FUN, just not the fun you guys are having now.... a new MOMMY fun. =)

  2. We do spend a lot of money on going out when we do go out. Being that Josh and I both work and then come home and work some more on cleaning the house, taking care of the animals, cooking dinner, etc...we def like to splurge when we do go out. We have a savings and we both have a 401K that we started a few years ago, as long as those keep growing and we do not touch that money then it's all good : ) Most people are saving to buy a house, Josh and I already bought our home so we save for traveling and for our future kids that we are not sure if we are having yet or not lol....j/k we do want to have a baby one day..but i want to wait until we have traveling out of our system and also until we are not so selfish with our time together...we love our alone nights right now and we love being spontanious! Josh and I always talk about the kind of parents we want to be one day : ) I cant wait to be a mom and have fun raising a baby with Josh...one day....